5 issues that will determine the US election sprint

5 issues that will determine the US election sprint 2

5 issues that will determine the US election sprint

The US presidential election is entering the sprint stage, with only 56 days left for voters to vote to choose between Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The first issue is the health of the candidates.

President Trump (left) and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Trump tried to turn age into a weapon to fight Biden.

`He has some problem, it just hasn’t shown it yet,` Trump told Fox News last month.

Meanwhile, Trump’s own health has become a topic of discussion, especially his unexpected visit to Walter Reed hospital in November 2019.

Trump, Pence and the President’s doctor all denied this information.

Even without such speculation, the health of the two candidates is still a matter of concern because both are elderly.

The next issue of concern is the direct debate between the two candidates.

In the context of Covid-19 still raging in the US, candidates have had much less direct campaign activities than in previous years.

That means this year’s three debates are much more important than in previous election seasons, as they are virtually the only unscripted events both candidates will attend before November 3.

Looking back at the two candidates’ previous debates in previous election seasons and the primary round, Cillizza assessed that Biden did not excel in direct `confrontations`.

Meanwhile, Trump is clearly a fierce debater.

During the debate in the 2015 primary election, Trump was confused when asked about the `nuclear deterrence trio` (including strategic bombers, ground-launched nuclear missiles and submarines called

Due to Trump’s debate style, the hosts of the three debates, Chris Wallace from Fox News, Steve Scully from C-SPAN and Kristen Welker from NBC, respectively, will play important roles.

The third important issue of the sprint is concerns about election interference.

`We assess that Russia is likely to continue to increase its criticism of mail-in voting and changes to the voting process due to Covid-19, aiming to undermine public trust in the process.`

In an interview with CNN on September 6, vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris said: `I believe there was foreign interference in the 2020 election and Russia was on the front lines,` Harris said.

However, Trump repeatedly wrote on Twitter that mail-in voting is the real threat, even though there is no evidence of widespread fraud due to this form.

The fourth issue is the protests against racism along with Trump’s `law and order` message.

`If the left gains power, they will destroy the suburbs, confiscate your guns, and appoint judges who will obliterate the Second Amendment.

The question is whether voters, especially white women living in the suburbs, will buy Trump’s arguments, or will they be able to get them to put aside their antipathy toward Trump and vote for him.

This largely depends on further developments.

However, in recent protests in Portland and Kenosha, Wisconsin, there was more violence, buildings were set on fire, and a Trump supporter died.

Biden must also try to handle it tactfully.

`A riot is not a protest,` Biden said last week.

Covid-19 is the main issue affecting the election, as it has infected nearly 6.5 million people and killed more than 193,000 in the US.

In a CNN poll conducted earlier this month, only 40% of respondents approved of Trump’s handling of Covid-19, while 55% disapproved.

CNN’s poll also shows Biden leading Trump in the general election overall, as 51% of respondents would vote for Biden, while 43% would vote for Trump.

So how can Trump come back?

`We are starting to get very high marks for how we handle nCoV, especially when compared to other countries and regions around the world,` Trump wrote on Twitter on September 7.

But if the US has a vaccine before election day, there is still no guarantee that it will help Trump win, because it depends on many factors such as whether it is widely distributed, how effective it is, and whether it is introduced.

`Trump is in a worse position than he was in 2016, because the majority of Americans do not trust his handling of what many consider to be the biggest challenge facing the country,` Cillizza said.

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