Biden wins Georgia, Trump wins North Carolina

Biden wins Georgia, Trump wins North Carolina 6

Biden wins Georgia, Trump wins North Carolina

CNN, NBC News, MSNBC, New York Times and research firm Edison Research on November 13 announced predictions about candidate Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump in Georgia, when 99% of the votes in this state have been counted.

According to the latest vote counting results, Biden won 2,472,182 votes in Georgia, equivalent to 49.5%, and Trump received 2,458,010 votes, equivalent to 49.2%.

Meanwhile, AP news agency also forecasts that Trump will win North Carolina, winning 15 more electoral votes, after 99% of votes are counted.

AP forecasts Trump to win in North Carolina after concluding that the remaining uncounted votes cannot help Biden overcome his opponent’s gap of 73,697 votes.

With these forecast results, the US presidential race is almost over, with 306 electoral votes going to Biden, and Trump winning 232 votes.

Reputable American news agencies have traditionally predicted winners in each state based on election data and in-depth analysis.

Joe Biden spoke about the US election results at an event in Wilmington, Delaware, November 6.

Biden’s victory in Georgia, a traditionally Republican state, brings the total number of states he won back from Trump to 5. The remaining states include Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Biden won a vote advantage in Georgia thanks to support in Atlanta, Savannah and the suburbs, where the population increasingly leans toward Democrats.

Georgia Secretary General Brad Raffensperger announced on November 11 that after the first vote count ended, this state would recount all 5 million votes by hand because the difference was too narrow.

Republicans in Georgia released the obituaries of four deceased citizens whose identities they said were used to vote in the recent election.

Trump declared that he did not accept the election results and sued in 6 states alleging fraud.

In his speech on November 13 at the White House, Trump did not mention allegations of election fraud and seemed to admit that Biden could win when he said he hoped `any administration` would not blockade the US to prevent nCoV.

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