Americans said the team was lucky to beat Ghana

Americans said the team was lucky to beat Ghana 4

Americans said the team was lucky to beat Ghana

Today, the American football team got its first victory in its opening match against Ghana.

In terms of expertise, the American team had a reasonable strategy, knowing themselves and knowing themselves in the battle with Ghana.

They also pointed out that, at a young age, Americans play more organized soccer (that is, soccer with tournaments, full of rules, not street soccer) more than baseball.

They then concluded that American football would benefit from the victory over Ghana, because people would probably be more interested in football and play more football.

Dempsey’s goal from the 29th second was somewhat lucky, helping the US take the lead over Ghana.

Today, black fans gathered in famous pubs and shouted to cheer for the American team.

The reporters also mentioned a number of American players who have European roots, but they have become naturalized citizens and have integrated well with talents raised in America.

Previously, US coach Mr. Klinsman said that there was no hope that the US would win this World Cup.

Remember yesterday when I watched the match between Switzerland and Ecuador, the commentator in the US said that Switzerland has a small population with only 200,000 football players of all ages.

Remember, Switzerland is a developed European country, their people have good physical strength and nutrition, but they also have to take care of their talents little by little to occasionally participate in the World Cup.

America participating in the World Cup is like a team there for fun.

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