From Sanchez to Fabregas: When superstars get tired due to match schedules

From Sanchez to Fabregas: When superstars get tired due to match schedules 2

From Sanchez to Fabregas: When superstars get tired due to match schedules

Spanish football has a winter break, about two weeks.

The pillars of the German team played very well in the 2014 World Cup championship campaign in Brazil.

Alexis faced even more difficulties when he first arrived in the Premier League and had to exhaust himself during the harsh period from Christmas to the beginning of the new year.

The current harsh schedule of English football affects the quality of the tournament, the status of the clubs and of course the key players of the teams.

With a national championship consisting of 38 highly competitive rounds, along with two domestic Cup tournaments, plus a European competition for some top clubs, English football is truly a place where players are more exhausted than anywhere else.

`Alexis Sanchez is currently in the red alert area in terms of physical condition,` Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger warned in early December 2014, after the Chilean attacking star had to spend a lot of minutes on the field.

Wenger’s assessment at that time sounded very reasonable, because before joining Arsenal last summer, Sanchez played 54 matches for Barcelona in the 2013-2014 season and played 390 minutes for Chile in the 2014 World Cup.

Number of goals before January 2015

Alexis Sanchez: 10 goals Eden Hazard: 7 goals Christian Eriksen: 7 goals David Silva: 6 goals Cesc Fabregas: 2 goals

Sanchez is not the only key player in the Premier League to go through a period of poor performance.

Even players like Gylfi Sigurdsson, Stewart Downing, Pablo Zabaleta, Per Mertesacker and Vincent Kompany have all looked tired recently, even though they have played in England for many seasons.

International matches of national teams in the middle of the Premier League season also affect the physical strength of many pillars at clubs.

From Sanchez to Fabregas: When superstars get tired due to match schedules

Fabregas is no longer in good form like he was at the beginning of the season.

Physical and mental exhaustion are interrelated and cannot be overlooked.

The 0-2 defeat at Arsenal last Sunday was the sixth time this season that Everton could not win a match in the domestic tournament right after having to go through a match in the European arena in midweek.

For a club to be successful on many fronts at the same time in one season, their coach needs to have the art of rotating players.

Referring to this issue in 2009, Ferguson explained: “Not everyone agrees with the player rotation policy, and there are some Man Utd fans who want me to arrange the best starting lineup.

Coach Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool had to endure a lot of criticism after being eliminated from the Europa League by Besiktas.

There was criticism when Raheem Sterling was given some time off by Liverpool in January.

From Sanchez to Fabregas: When superstars get tired due to match schedules

Liverpool have been playing well recently thanks to a reasonable awareness of the rigors of mid-season.

Liverpool is one of the Premier League clubs that understands the importance of managing a team through the harsh times of modern football each season.

The problem of fatigue cannot be solved without either a reduction in the number of matches played or some form of rest during the season.

There is no denying the fact that the high intensity of the English Premier League is one of the factors that contribute to its appeal around the world.

When even world-class stars like Alexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas seem unable to maintain the same high level of performance for most of the season just because of the hectic schedule, perhaps

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