Strange ways to hide money of corrupt Chinese officials

Strange ways to hide money of corrupt Chinese officials 0

Strange ways to hide money of corrupt Chinese officials

Some Chinese corrupt officials hide money and gold on top of toilets, under septic tanks, at the bottom of aquariums, in gas cylinders, artillery shells…

The corrupt official Ly Huu San and the money collected from his house.

In China today, it is no longer uncommon for officials to accept bribes and embezzle from several million to hundreds of millions of yuan (NDT) in cash.

On top of the toilet

The February 21 issue of Procuracy Daily published an article about the case of Truong Binh, Head of the Construction Office, Housing Construction Department of Chieu Vien Town, Shandong Province, taking advantage of his position to embezzle and accept bribes.

In December 2014, the inspection agency discovered a suspicious problem in Binh’s misappropriation of public money, so they called Binh to `talk`, but he tried every way to lie.

Under the septic tank

The Afternoon Legislation website on February 22 portrayed Tu Ky Dieu, former Director of the Jiangsu Construction Department, who was not only notorious for being a prostitute but also a monstrous greed for money.

The remaining amount is still very large, Dieu used PVC bags to wrap in many layers and then hid them in tree hollows, garbage piles, in fields, stuffed them on tiled roofs, and even dropped them into septic tanks.

Rent a room, buy a house just to hide money

Ly Huu San, Deputy Director of the Hebei Department of Foreign Trade, accepted bribes and extorted public money totaling more than 47.4 million yuan (156.6 billion VND).

The biggest pleasure is to occasionally go to the villa, unload money, spread it out in stacks on the floor, quietly watch, and enjoy the feeling of happiness.

Strange ways to hide money of corrupt Chinese officials

Official Tu Ky Dieu

La Dieu Tinh, Director of the Guangdong Center for Disease Control, because he received too much money in bribes and could not hide it in his house, he had to spend money to rent a room to keep the money.

On September 1, 2006, Tinh was sentenced to life in prison by the Guangzhou Court, deprived of his political rights for life, and had his assets worth 1.5 million yuan confiscated for accepting bribes of nearly 11.2 million yuan from officials.

In artillery shells

In May 2013, the Procuracy of Vu Hoa District, Changsha City, Hunan Province publicly announced details of the case of Tran Kinh Nguyen, Deputy Director of Hunan Road Transport Administration, receiving bribes.

In the gas tank shell

On April 1, 2005, Ly Quoc Uy, Director of the Road Traffic Department of Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, who is known as `The First Corruptor of Gannan`, was sentenced to life in prison by the city court for the crime of

During the investigation of the case, the task force staff received important information: in Uy’s house there was a gas tank specifically used to hide money.

At the bottom of the aquarium

Dieu Kien Hoa, former Deputy Chief of Duong Co District, Tianjin, was sentenced to death in October 1994.

Investigators had to search the house twice, taking 9 hours to find the places where Hoa and her husband hid money and evidence.

Neighbors entered the house and discovered a `huge` vault.

On the morning of January 14, 2008, a homeowner on the 4th floor of a famous house in Nam Ngan area, Chongqing came to the management saying he had forgotten his key in the room, asking for help to get into the house.

After entering the apartment on the 5th floor, the security guard saw in the bathroom a pile of cardboard boxes containing mineral water wrapped in tape.

The incident was quickly reported to the City Party Committee’s Inspection and Discipline Committee.

According to Thu Thuy (summary)

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