Jamie Vardy: ‘Can’t believe Leicester won the title’

Jamie Vardy: 'Can't believe Leicester won the title' 2

Jamie Vardy: ‘Can’t believe Leicester won the title’

`It’s an unbelievable feeling. I’ve never known this feeling before,` Vardy shared in extreme excitement after the final whistle of Chelsea 2-2  Tottenham, a result that was just enough for Leicester.

Behind Vardy were his equally excited teammates who were shouting at the top of their voices.

Vardy and his teammates were extremely excited when Leicester became the new Premier League king.

Yesterday’s championship was the sweet fruit of an unbelievable journey for both the Leicester team and the individuals in it, of which Vardy is a typical face.

Just 13 months ago, Leicester was at the bottom of the table and had to run hard at the end of last season to stay in the Premier League.

Jamie Vardy: 'Can't believe Leicester won the title'

Leicester players burst into excitement at the moment of winning the Premier League

`Just last season, we were still fighting for the right to stay in the Premier League, but this weekend, we will lift the Championship Cup,` Vardy added, looking forward to a complete coronation ceremony at King Power’s home field.

The English striker then praised the team’s efforts: `From that process, you can imagine how much effort we put in as a team and as individuals. Winning the Premier League

Jamie Vardy: 'Can't believe Leicester won the title'

The championship odds are 5000-1, which is only for relegation candidates, but Leicester has done a miracle, becoming the champion of the 2015-2016 season.

Captain midfielder Wes Morgan shares Vardy’s opinion: `Every member strives for the team. No one believed we would achieve anything, but now we are here, becoming Premier League champions.`

Morgan, who has a gangster past and never played in the Premier League until promoted with Leicester in 2014, believes that being overlooked at the beginning of the season was an important factor in helping the team achieve success.

`I have never seen such a strong and united spirit, we are like brothers. Leicester were named as relegation candidates after what happened last season, but we tried to prove it.

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