Trump’s campaign fell into a ‘quagmire’ of Covid-19

Trump's campaign fell into a 'quagmire' of Covid-19 4

Trump’s campaign fell into a ‘quagmire’ of Covid-19

After Hope Hicks, Trump’s close assistant, was infected with nCoV, the US President and First Lady were quarantined at the White House and test results showed they were positive for nCoV.

The White House doctor said that both the President and his wife `are healthy` and that Trump can still maintain his ability to run the country during his recovery.

During the sprint, Trump is focusing on campaigning in important battleground states, especially when polls show Biden has the upper hand.

He will not be able to appear at rallies, which are Trump’s `trademark` events to generate heat among voters.

President Trump at the White House on September 28.

Immediately after announcing that Trump was infected with nCoV, the White House canceled the rally in Florida, which was scheduled for October 2.

Axi analyst Stephen Innes said that Trump’s nCoV infection could increase Biden’s chances of winning.

Trump has for months downplayed the severity of the pandemic, even as nCoV is still raging and killing about 1,000 Americans every day.

On the last day of the Republican convention, when Trump officially became the party’s candidate, he invited more than 1,000 supporters to the South Lawn of the White House and held many rallies across the country.

Trump has refused to wear masks in public for months and repeatedly questioned their effectiveness, while mocking Biden for always wearing one.

Covid-19 has become the `Achilles heel` of the re-election campaign, causing Trump to receive a lot of criticism for his handling and destroying many of his economic achievements.

Biden’s campaign has tried to deepen this point, the former vice president often emphasized that Trump must be responsible when the US became the largest epidemic area in the world with more than 7.4 million infected people and more than 210,000 deaths.

Trump has recently sought to direct voters’ attention to other issues such as racial protests that turned violent, the nomination of a new judge for the Supreme Court, mail-in voting and the relationship

In addition, the President’s infection with the virus could worry governors and business owners as they evaluate when and how to reopen offices, factories, restaurants, schools, parks, beaches, and more.

`Obviously, if the campaign slows down, that could increase concerns that he will lose the election,` said Shane Oliver, head of investment management company AMP Capital in Australia.

However, this expert also raised another possibility.

Most people infected with nCoV recover, especially those without underlying medical conditions, but the risk increases with age.

While Trump is said to have high cholesterol and is somewhat obese, his doctor said he was in `very good health` after a comprehensive medical exam last year.

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