How does the quarantine facility in the district take care of F0?

How does the quarantine facility in the district take care of F0? 9

How does the quarantine facility in the district take care of F0?

According to the centralized quarantine instructions for F0 in districts and Thu Duc City signed by Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health Tang Chi Thuong on July 23, quarantine facilities set up quick response teams to deal with the disease.

In the immediate future, Ho Chi Minh City mobilizes medical human resources working at district-level medical units and private medical facilities, as well as retired medical staff residing in the area.

The quarantine facility will monitor and care for asymptomatic F0 and initially handle cases requiring transfer to hospital for Covid-19 treatment.

Each facility is equipped with at least 5-10 oxygen tanks to be able to let many patients breathe at the same time while waiting for transfer to the hospital.

The quarantine facility is equipped with necessary items for patients such as hot water, beds, mosquito nets, blankets, pillows, wifi… to create peace of mind and comfort.

For F0s without clinical symptoms, the quarantine period is 7 days if the RT-PCR test result on the 7th day is negative, or positive with CT value > 30. In case of positive

For newly discovered F0s with no clinical symptoms, consider home quarantine if the RT-PCR test result has a CT value > 30 and meets the prescribed conditions.

On July 21, the city government requested local People’s Committees to establish centralized quarantine facilities for F0 (with positive rapid antigen test or PCR test results) and no clinical symptoms;

These facilities become a new floor, on the first floor of the 5-storey Covid-19 treatment tower system, expected to accommodate about 50% of the total F0, using locally available infrastructure such as

F1 centralized quarantine area at Saigon Practical Pedagogical High School, District 5, was converted into F0 asymptomatic quarantine area, with 300 beds, on July 23.

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