Georgia discovered more than 2,500 uncounted votes

Georgia discovered more than 2,500 uncounted votes 4

Georgia discovered more than 2,500 uncounted votes

These uncounted ballots were discovered in Floyd County, when Georgia state officials conducted a manual recount.

This difference of nearly 800 votes helps Trump narrow the gap with Biden in Georgia, but will not change the final result, because the Democratic candidate is leading in this state with a gap of about 14,000 votes.

The missing ballot incident occurred because Floyd County election officials forgot to download ballot data from a ballot scanner’s memory card, said Gabriel Sterling, the state’s voting system manager.

`It wasn’t an equipment problem. It was someone who wasn’t doing their job properly,` Sterling said.

Staff recounted ballots by hand in Gwinnett County, Georgia, on November 16.

These missed ballots were in-person early votes at the Floyd County Government Building.

`Very concerning,` Mr. Martin said.

This is the largest error discovered in the Georgia recount to date.

Ballots will be re-scanned and tabulated before finalizing results by November 20, said Chris Harvey, chairman of the Georgia State Board of Elections.

`You want every vote to be counted correctly the first time, but one of the goals of a recount is to find problems. All votes will be uploaded and the results will be correct,` he said.

On November 13, Biden was determined to win in Georgia in the first vote count.

Trump’s campaign announced that it had discovered many voting irregularities and filed a lawsuit in the state of Georgia, but did not provide much convincing evidence of large-scale or systematic fraud.

The Trump campaign also accused `4 dead people of voting` in Georgia, but local officials confirmed that two of those voters were still alive and voted validly, and the remaining two were being verified.

On November 15, Trump continued to denounce that `Georgia’s recount is a fraud, nonsense` because the Consensus Act signed by the Secretary of State with the Governor prevented the comparison of voter signatures.

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