5 weak spots that can make billionaire Trump disillusioned with the president

5 weak spots that can make billionaire Trump disillusioned with the president 2

5 weak spots that can make billionaire Trump disillusioned with the president

The results of voting and caucus meetings in a series of important states on Super Tuesday in the US recently showed that billionaire Donald Trump holds a great advantage in the race to become the official presidential candidate of the Republican Party.

However, analysts say that this 70-year-old billionaire has little chance of winning the race for the White House with Democratic Party Hillary Clinton, because the real estate tycoon still has many fatal weaknesses that

US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Actions inconsistent with words

Frédéric Autran, a veteran political analyst at La Libération, believes that Mr. Trump’s biggest weakness that Democrats can fully exploit is that the Republican candidate appears inconsistent in words and actions.

According to a New York Times investigation in early March, Mr. Trump has set up an office specializing in recruiting foreign workers in Florida.

Most recently, on March 3, a group of employees at the Trump Las Vegas hotel protested in front of his office in New York demanding changes to the labor contract.

Used to have relationships with the underworld

Donald Trump’s second weakness is his relationship with gangs in the `underworld` in the 1980s, the period when he created a construction empire in the eastern United States, when avoiding contact with the mafia in the industry

`The real estate billionaire’s ties to the underworld are unnecessarily tight compared to normal businesses. His life seems to be intertwined with gangsters,` Wayne Barrett,

Senator Ted Cruz was the first to criticize the tycoon, saying he did not disclose tax details to hide illicit business relationships.

5 weak spots that can make billionaire Trump disillusioned with the president

Hillary Clinton will most likely face billionaire Donald Trump in this November’s election.

Relationship with the racist movement in America

According to Frédéric Autran, Mr. Trump’s ambiguous relationship with David Duke, the former leader of the KKK movement, famous for his `white supremacy doctrine` also risks hindering him in the race with Mrs. Clinton.

Recently Duke publicly voiced his support for Mr. Trump.

According to the Washington Post, family tradition is also a significant factor influencing the `somewhat negative` mindset of the real estate billionaire.

Business capacity is not highly appreciated

Gérald Olivier, Atlantico’s veteran US commentator, said that Donald Trump always boasts that he is a good businessman and that his businesses are always in good condition.

The first time Donald Trump declared bankruptcy was in 1991, when his 2,000-room casino-hotel complex at Mahal was overwhelmed with debt.

In November 2004, Mr. Trump went to court again to file for bankruptcy of a casino in Atlantic City and one in Indiana.

The most recent bankruptcy was in 2009, after failing to pay bond interest worth $53.1 million on time, Trump Entertainment Resorts was taken to court to declare bankruptcy.

`If Mr. Trump wins the Republican nomination, this will be a major weakness that Mrs. Clinton can exploit. Because Mr. Trump’s reputation with the American public is partly due to the media team polishing him.`

Suspected lack of transparency in business

The fifth weakness of the Republican candidate is that the Trump University training program is currently condemned as a `scam`.

Trump University is billed as a program that teaches career experiences to succeed in the construction field.

That’s why Trump University has been sued by many lawsuits, including one from the New York chief prosecutor.

Expert Autran said that an unfavorable result at the trial would be a `strong blow` to the tycoon’s reputation, causing him to lose to Mrs. Clinton in the race to become head of the White House at that time.

`Recent poll results between candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton often favor the former US Secretary of State. This shows that the limitations of the real estate tycoon are truly worrying and are the weakness of the US Secretary of State.

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