70% of seafood businesses closed because they could not ‘3 on the spot’

70% of seafood businesses closed because they could not '3 on the spot' 3

70% of seafood businesses closed because they could not ‘3 on the spot’

In a dispatch sent to the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) said that in fact, currently only about 30% of seafood enterprises in the provinces

In particular, the average production capacity has decreased to only 40-50% compared to before.

Therefore, VASEP and businesses believe that the implementation of `3 on the spot` is only a temporary short-term measure and can only last 2-3 weeks for medium-sized enterprises and small businesses.

Workers at a pangasius processing factory.

On the contrary, the remaining 70% of businesses that do not qualify to implement `3 on the spot` have had to stop production, and they have suffered equally heavy losses.

Faced with the risk of disruption in the seafood production and export chain, VASEP recommends that the Government prioritize immediate vaccination for workers at seafood processing factories.

`Due to the fact that the amount of vaccine is limited and not available at once, the Association earnestly requests the Prime Minister to consider the priority order of components to be vaccinated against covid-19,` VASEP suggested and said that it should be

In parallel with vaccination, VASEP recommends that the Ministry of Health complete a set of rules and organize training for provinces and businesses to implement `on-site medical care`.

The Ministry of Health also needs to have instructions for promptly handling businesses that carry out `3 on-site` practices such as F0 detection, zoning and isolating only at-risk areas, disinfectant spraying, testing…

In addition, VASEP also proposed providing support for workers and employees facing difficulties and supporting businesses to reduce bank loan interest rates and reduce electricity bills by 30% at least until the end of 2021…

Are you having your work and income affected because of Covid-19?

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