Indonesia’s underground sex world

Indonesia's underground sex world 0

Indonesia’s underground sex world

Trip into Jakarta’s red light district

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, where adulterers can spend up to five years in prison, or four years if caught watching porn, according to research by reporter Luke Williams

However, this is where the illegal sex industry thrives.

Indonesia's underground sex world

Girls wearing light clothes perform at a hotel in Jakarta.

Almost every shopping center has a `massage house`.

If you stay in a 5-star hotel in north Jakarta or know a Taipan (a word for close acquaintances of rich and powerful people in Indonesia), you only need to spend 400 – 500 USD to have sex.

Crack down on prostitution

Indonesian authorities last year launched a campaign to crack down on prostitution.

However, many prostitution establishments moved from one location to another in the city, while high-end clandestine brothels still served wealthy customers as usual.

One evening, Luke took a taxi through the congested streets and sidewalk vending carts to Kalijodo.

Kalijodo Red Light District:

Indonesia's underground sex world

Indonesia’s underground sex world

When he arrived, Luke found that Kalijodo was now like a new Australian suburb, with a sports hall, skating rink and children’s playground.

Only a few men, mostly street vendors in the park, wish the sex industry still existed.

Indonesia's underground sex world

Indonesian police in a campaign to sweep the Kalijodo red light district.

Ordinary brothel

Luke crossed the bridge to the river.

`Hello sir. This is a good price, very close,` a small man approached and offered.

Indonesia's underground sex world

Residence and practice of prostitutes serving poor workers in Jakarta.

One person said nearly 2,000 prostitutes moved to another district and opened a new red light district.

In a karaoke bar, dozens of girls wearing high heels stood in a dim room, watching TV and waiting for customers.

A Mammasan (brothel owner) approached Luke.

Luke didn’t tell the girl he was gay, he just said he wanted to talk.

Indonesia's underground sex world

Prostitutes wait for customers by the train tracks, in front of popular brothels in Kalijodo in 2013. Photo: News

`Some prostitutes find customers on their own and don’t follow any employer. Some work for pimps because of debt,` she said.

According to news in the local press, finding customers for prostitutes is now very easy.

Even on the social network Twitter in Indonesia, there are a series of slang phrases such as `BO – on-site service`, `COD – paid meeting` or `DP – prepaid`.

To date, no prostitute has voluntarily participated in the government’s vocational training program to return to work, accepting low-paid work.

Indonesia's underground sex world

Prostitutes moved their operations to other areas of the city because the government cracked down on red light districts.

High-end sex

Falling into a soft armchair in a high-end hotel, Luke wore a silk robe and listened to the sound of running water.

The bathroom smells like lemon mint.

They are divided into national groups such as Russian, Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Uzebek, and local people.

Indonesia's underground sex world

Dozens of Chinese women were arrested in Jakarta in January 2016 on suspicion of prostitution.

The rich association is not worried about being raided by the police.

Kevin Evans, director of the Australia – Indonesia research center in Indonesia, said one of the reasons why the sex industry thrives in this Muslim country is because Indonesians cherish `the historical value of being a society`.

`The move by politicians to ban prostitution is the result of a moral puritanism that has permeated Indonesian politics for about 25 years,` Evans said.

`I think they are trying to seek support from conservative Muslim voters. However, I think this is a miscalculation. Indonesian people cherish their traditional history as a society.

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