Polish beauty crowned Miss World 2021

Polish beauty crowned Miss World 2021 2

Polish beauty crowned Miss World 2021



10:00 am

Karolina Bielawska of Poland was crowned

Karolina Bielawska became the 70th Miss World. She received the crown from her predecessor Toni-Ann Singh.

Miss Poland was crowned Miss World

The moment Karolina Bielawska was crowned.


Top 6 behavior test

The contestants took turns receiving questions from the MCs. Miss Ivory Coast received the question: `What lessons can we learn from the Covid-19 pandemic?`.


Miss America won the `Beauty of Humanity` award.

Shree Saini won thanks to her humanitarian campaign to donate heart rate machines to patients.


Do Thi Ha stopped

Vietnamese beauties could not win a place in the top 6. The next beauty queens include Ivory Coast, America, Indonesia, Northern Ireland, Mexico and Poland.


Miss World beauty in swimsuit

The organizers released a video recording of contestants wearing colorful swimsuits, posing on the beach at the Hyatt Regency Grand resort.


Do Thi Ha entered the top 13

Do Thi Ha is the first contestant to reach the top thanks to winning the sub-category `Digital Media Challenge`, for people who have good interactions with fans on social networks. The beauty interacts with the MC.

Do Thi Ha entered the Top 13

Do Thi Ha was named in the Top 13. Video: Miss World Initially, the organizers announced the Top 12 including contestants: Vietnam, USA, Somalia, Poland, Philippines, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Indonesia, India


A group of beauties on the catwalk against the background of a symphony orchestra

The Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra performed a performance as a backdrop for the top 40 catwalk.

Do Thi Ha performed in a group with a black dress

Do Thi Ha performed in a group with a black dress.


Top 40 evening gown performances

The contestants won direct entry tickets by winning the `Confrontation Challenge` and `Compassion Project` competitions performed first.

Do Thi Ha performed at the evening party

Do Thi Ha performs evening gown.


Miss Mongolia shows off her talent competition

Burte-Ujin Anu – the winner of this year’s talent competition – took the stage to perform a dance performance combining contortion.

Contortion performance of Miss Mongolia.

Before that, two MCs – TV star Peter Andre and singer Fernando Allende – on behalf of the organizers and contestants praised the natural landscape, hospitality of Puerto Rico and the performance of the local orchestra.


Top 40 ensembles performing `Dances of the World`

The beauties dressed in costumes promoting national culture performed vibrant dances to the music of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra.

Do Thi Ha and top 40 co-stars

Do Thi Ha (blue dress) and contestants in the ensemble performance.

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