Polish beauty crowned Miss World 2021

Polish beauty crowned Miss World 2021 1

Polish beauty crowned Miss World 2021

Karolina Bielawska brought the Miss World crown back to Europe since the victory of Mireia Lalaguna (Spain) in 2015. The new beauty queen was born in 1999, graduated in business management and is currently studying for a master’s degree.

Miss Poland was crowned Miss World

Karolina Bielawska’s crowning moment.

The Polish beauty is considered the strongest contestant in Europe this year.

In the oral exam with the top 6 in the final, Bielawska received a question from the judges: `In your opinion, what is the important invention that humans have not yet discovered?`

Miss America Shree Saini won the title of 1st runner-up and `Beauty of Compassion`.

Vietnamese beauty Do Thi Ha stopped in the top 13. She won the sub-prize `Digital Media Challenge`, for people who have good interaction with fans on social networks.

Polish beauty crowned Miss World 2021

Do Thi Ha entered the top 13

Do Thi Ha entered the top 13. Video: Miss World

Other contestants in the top 13 include Ivory Coast, USA, Somalia, Poland, Philippines, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Indonesia, India, France, Czech Republic and Colombia.

The 70th Miss World finals faced many difficulties after being postponed.

The contest took place from November 2021 but had to be postponed because many contestants and organizing committee members contracted Covid-19.

This greatly affected the organization, many artists and guests did not return.

The program opened with the pre-recorded performance `Dances of the World`.

Polish beauty crowned Miss World 2021

Contortion performance of Miss Mongolia.

On beauty forums, audiences commented on the competition performances and announced that this year’s contestants were quick and lacked highlights.

Miss World is one of the two most prestigious beauty contests in the world, besides Miss Universe.

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