British tourist narrowly escaped rape in India

British tourist narrowly escaped rape in India 0

British tourist narrowly escaped rape in India

Jessica Davies on yesterday’s show on Sky News.

Jessica Davies, 31 years old, living in London, yesterday told the story of her narrow `escape` in India on Sky News yesterday.

Davies rented a room at the Agra Mahal hotel in the northern city of Agra, near the famous Taj Mahal, to stay for three nights.

`Around a quarter to 4, the hotel manager knocked on my door, holding two bottles of oil, offering to massage and bathe me,` she said.

Frightened, Davies pushed him out and slammed the door, but this person continued to stand outside and bang on the door, demanding to come inside.

Half an hour later, another guy appeared with the hotel manager and tried to break down Davies’ room door.

`I knew I had no other choice at that point except to jump from the balcony, and I did,` Davies continued.

Escaping the hotel, Davies ran into the street begging people for help but no one understood her.

Two men, including the hotel manager and his accomplice who joined him that night, have been charged in Davies’ case and have appeared in court.

The female tourist just returned to England on March 22.

She warns other women not to travel to India alone.

`It is a beautiful country. What happened to me is not representative of India. I will return, but I will not go alone, but with a group of friends,` she said.

The British government has also advised women in this country to be careful when traveling to India, even when traveling in groups.

Davies’ incident occurred a few days after a Swiss woman was raped while cycling with her husband on a trip to India.

Three months ago, an Indian female student died after being raped by a group of men on a bus in New Delhi, causing an uproar in Indian society and the government had to consider changing the law to punish these crimes.

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