The Czech Republic beauty was crowned Miss World for the 71st time

The Czech Republic beauty was crowned Miss World for the 71st time 2

The Czech Republic beauty was crowned Miss World for the 71st time




The Czech Republic contestant was crowned

The new Miss World in her coronation moment.

Krystyna Pyszková – beauty from the Czech Republic – won the final.

Lebanese contestant – Yasmina Zaytoun, 21 years old, a student majoring in journalism, is the runner-up.


Reigning beauty queen Karolina Bielawska appears

She wore a green mermaid dress, catwalking on stage.

Before that, the organizers replayed the video of the term of Miss World 2023 – Karolina Bielawska.

11:58 p.m

Announcing the Top 4

The organizing committee names the winners of each region, including Miss Trinidad and Tobago (Americas and Caribbean), Botswana (Africa), Czech Republic (Europe), Lebanon (Asia-Pacific).

The Top 4 on the final stage, from left, include beauties from Trinidad and Tobago, Botswana, Czech Republic, and Lebanon.

Then, the Top 4 presented the project introduced in the Beauty With a Purpose segment to investors from the Shark Tank India program.

11:43 p.m

Asia-Pacific contestants behave

Miss Lebanon and India have a question: `Can you suggest a way to make women have a stronger voice on social networks?`.

Miss India replied: `We are living in a world where social networks play an extremely important role. We need to propagate, because social networks have the power to change many generations. Be a representative

Miss India responded.

Miss Lebanon replied: `Social networks play a big role in life. Respecting other women must start from respecting ourselves. We must be sincere, live true to ourselves, accept things that are not right.`

11:40 p.m

European contestants behave

Miss Czech Republic and England received the question: `What is one of the issues related to women’s health care that you want to talk about?`

Miss England said: `As a woman, it is a huge natural gift for me. Today, I represent all women in the world. And the issue we should not forget is pregnancy.

Miss Czech Republic replied: `I will talk about the lack of empathy, especially women from poor areas, they are hesitant to talk about their maternity health, their own health. I want

11:34 p.m

African representatives compete in behavioral competition

Miss Botswana, Uganda received the question: `What would you say to convince people around the world to protect the environment?`.

Miss Botswana replied: `It is definitely agriculture. I believe in the sustainability of agriculture. Thanks to it, we can solve hunger, help farmers. Taking care of nature is also taking care of

Miss Uganda said: `I will convince people to plant trees. People in my country are very poor. Because of poverty, children work early. Today, I am here to prove I can do it,

11:31 p.m

Contestants from the Americas and Caribbean region compete in the behavioral test

Two contestants from Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago received the question: `In your opinion, what is the biggest obstacle women are facing?`.

Miss Trinidad and Tobago replied: `I come from a small island, without many conditions. I am grateful to Miss World for giving me the opportunity to develop. I want to take advantage of this opportunity to tell you all.

11:21 p.m

Announcing the Top 8

The eight contestants in the next round include: Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago (Americas and Caribbean), Botswana, Uganda (Africa), Czech Republic, England (Europe), India, Lebanon (Asia-Pacific)

Top 8 Miss World 2024 on the final stage.

Announcing the top 8 Miss World 2024

The announcement of the girls in the top 8. Video: VTV9

11:18 p.m

Contestants dance footstep to Indian music

Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar returned to the stage, performing the theme song of the Multimedia competition.

Contestants dance footstep to Indian music

The beauties dance footstep together on a vibrant dance background.

10:58 p.m

Announcing the top 12

The first six announced contestants include: Brazil, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago (Americas), Botswana, Martinique, Uganda (Africa).

The three representatives of Asia-Pacific to continue are contestants Australia, India, and Lebanon.

Mai Phuong stopped in the top 40 against many strong opponents.

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