Italy – deep blue color

Italy - deep blue color 2

Italy – deep blue color

Spain, with the honor of being a defending champion, did not play the evil alliance game similar to the way Sweden and Denmark teamed up to eliminate Italy in Euro 2004. They played seriously, defeating Croatia 1-0.

As goalkeeper Buffon admitted after the match, Italy must be grateful to Spain for playing beautifully.

Italy was courageous, changed at a dangerous moment and was rewarded for that courage.

Coach Prandelli’s decision to return to the 4-3-1-2 formation to play against the Republic of Ireland after playing 3-5-2 in two matches is considered a risky gamble.

Italy had some fluctuations in the first 10 minutes, when the tension made them somewhat `frozen`, while the Republic of Ireland – because they were eliminated – played in the most comfortable mood.

Not denying the opponent’s low level, but the return to ego – 4-3-1-2 formation and attacking style of play – helped Italy have their best match since the beginning of the tournament.

The coordination and precision in dribbling situations gives the Italian midfielders many opportunities to advance, creating iron fists from the second line.

Di Natale, in his first start at Euro 2012, showed that he is not a bad choice when moving, running well and finding a common language with Cassano.

But if two names must be used to embody Italy’s hope for a bright future, Cassano and Balotelli are the most deserving.

However, on the Poznan field, both of them dazzled and opened their goal accounts in the tournament.

Balotelli (left) and Cassano opening fire is the happiest signal for Italy.

With the goal, Cassano must have relieved the terrible pressure that had weighed on him due to the drought of goals and poor performances since the beginning of the tournament, thereby becoming more confident in his role as a striker on the Italian front line.

The fact that Man City’s striker and Cassano both opened fire, while Di Natale proved that his experience is still very useful, puts coach Prandelli in a difficult situation when planning the lineup for the next match, against one of the three French teams.

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