Hoang Thinh and the hidden pain

Hoang Thinh and the hidden pain 2

Hoang Thinh and the hidden pain

Before the match with Indonesia, Hoang Thinh was sure he would have to sit on the bench because the central midfielder position belonged to captain Tan Tai.

Late afternoon of November 16, Mr. Ngo Van Tien (81 years old) was at home watching the friendly match between Vietnam and Malaysia.

Hoang Thinh was highly appreciated by coach Miura because he was young and played aggressively.

“He always expected me to shine at this AFF Cup. I will try to play my best every time I have the opportunity to make him happy.

Hoang Thinh said that when he was young, his grandfather was an officer of the Nghe An Department of Physical Training and Sports.

“He was my first teacher.

Hoang Thinh and the hidden pain

Hoang Thinh and his teammates want to use beautiful football to attract fans to the field.

This year the Vietnamese team will play at home and Hoang Thinh hopes he and his teammates will be able to recreate the passionate atmosphere like in 2008, when the team won the championship.

“I still remember that year, I and my whole family skipped meals and sat in front of the TV watching the final return match between the Vietnam and Thailand teams.

In the opening match at AFF Cup 2014, the Vietnamese team played against Indonesia but lost the victory due to individual mistakes.

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