Dream of settling down at age 30

Dream of settling down at age 30 32

Dream of settling down at age 30

Age 30 – half a person’s life has passed – is an important milestone in terms of life, work and settlement.

I would like to give some personal feelings about this.

At first, I spent a lot of time researching and studying to gain knowledge about real estate from scratch to determine the real estate product I would choose to settle down in.

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Before that, I had spent twenty years in a three-meter alley in District 4, where at 4:30 p.m., I could hear people talking about the lottery or occasionally witness `combat` acts like Tran Hao Nam among the kids.

Having said that, I am satisfied and feel normal about life in such a complicated and evil place.

However, I wasted the time of the 2014 – 2018 real estate fever on my own hobbies instead of paying attention to where to settle or accumulate investments.

In 2018, I also started learning about real estate and also fell in love with apartments.

In addition, with little initial finance and the intention to use bank leverage, along with being afraid of planning, disputes, and fraud when dealing with townhouses, I leaned heavily and decided to choose an apartment.

Thanks to the old days of wandering late at night around the south of Saigon and wandering around some places in Cho Lon area, District 8, I felt the difficulties of some projects so up to now I have not lost anything.

It’s true that buying a house is fate.

However, when I went to see the project that I chose to spend money on to buy a secondary product, I only liked it three times, although now that I think about it, it’s a bit difficult to understand why it was like that.

Due to the nature of my work and personal life, I have been at this workplace for nearly 9 years, so I chose to live close to my workplace rather than thinking that the workplace can change and does not need to be fixed.

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Up to now, the project is still progressing well, but it can be said that it is the bird that destroys the prey of the resident group because it always looks and raises issues such as: The location is still in the `hardship` of the area, the current infrastructure

That’s because even though I’m purely buying to live in, it doesn’t mean I don’t care about profit or loss.

In fact, old projects in Saigon in the past, if the quality, location, and operation were good, would have impressive price increases and enter a stable period after handover.

At the same time as these projects open for sale, the general salary of office staff (normal positions such as accounting, marketing personnel and depending on the foreign or domestic company) is about 8 million VND (2014).

As for long-term unskilled workers, the salary is 8 million VND (2014), 12 million VND (2016) and 18-19 million VND (2020), respectively.

Projects launched for sale before 2018 all have resonance from economic recovery and growth, the warming and fever of the real estate market as well as the location and price base of some projects that are still good for safety.

Most projects that opened for sale after 2018 had a fairly slow price increase, or even only went sideways when the investors set the price to escalate faster than the market’s absorption level.

Projects delivered before 2018, after reaching peak prices, also gradually entered the stable price range with little fluctuation.

During that time, buyers can accumulate more equity, so that passive income from salary can reduce the pressure on monthly home loan contributions.

Personally, I think the settlement trend will have many significant changes in the future.

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Families in these areas, if possible, will either sell their 30m2 or 40m2 houses to buy larger houses in the central or suburban areas or choose to buy an apartment in the old central area depending on their financial ability.

Townhouses in the inner city will soon be like foreign countries, with very high value that anyone who has sold them will not be able to buy them back.

Therefore, I personally feel that with little equity capital of a few hundred million, if we still hesitate to buy a house and plan to settle down from now on, we will probably miss the train to the `Dream House`.

However, although the need for housing is urgent, it is necessary to think and choose according to the budget and location to buy the loan and not be `stoned` by external influences.

We all think that finding a place to settle down is aiming for a good life for yourself and your family. Don’t let the monthly SMS reminder of your bank debt haunt your life.

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