‘Django Unchained’, Tarantino’s bloody Western

‘Django Unchained’, Tarantino's bloody Western 3

‘Django Unchained’, Tarantino’s bloody Western

Whether you like or dislike Quentin Tarantino, movie lovers still cannot deny that this director and his films all have a very unique, entertaining style.

* Movie trailer `Django Unchained`

Set in 1858, Tarantino takes viewers to America two years before the Civil War, when people of color were still discriminated against and considered slaves.

A scene from the movie `Django Unchained`.

After successfully helping Schultz and being taught by this doctor how to use guns skillfully, Django shared with him about his missing wife Bloomhilda (Kerry Washington).

The first thing to note before entering the theater is that Django Unchained is not a movie for everyone because the level of violence is quite high, with bloody gunfights and dense scenes.

The original title of the movie Django Unchained can be understood as `Django is unchained`, but the real `unchained` person is probably Quentin Tarantino, because he is free to do what he likes and believes that the audience will

‘Django Unchained’, Tarantino's bloody Western

Leonardo DiCaprio has an excellent role in the movie.

He boldly mentioned the exploitation of black slaves, one of the darkest chapters of American history, with a level of expression that could shock many people by his language and barbaric treatment of the people.

One of the reasons that audiences, especially men, often admire Tarantino’s films is because of the dialogue between the characters.

Although he was not nominated for an Oscar for directing, the `Best Original Screenplay` award was enough proof of Tarantino’s boundless creativity.

Dialogues, no matter how well written, are still lifeless if they come from bland characters.

First is the dentist/bounty hunter character Schultz, portrayed by Christoph Waltz.

‘Django Unchained’, Tarantino's bloody Western

Christoph Waltz received the golden statue for the second time for `Best Supporting Actor` for his role in `Django Unchained`.

The `Best Supporting Actor` race at Oscar 2013 would have been even more attractive if Waltz had to compete with Leonardo DiCaprio, who was inexplicably `forgotten` by the Oscar organizers.

Not only excellent in script and acting, Django Unchained also has beautiful frames and great background music.

After Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained, in the future Quentin Tarantino is expected to make one more film to complete a trilogy about historical events recreated through his unique perspective.

Django Unchained (Django’s Journey) opens in Vietnam from March 15.

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