Coach Park: ‘Farewell to Vietnam is a mandatory choice’

Coach Park: 'Farewell to Vietnam is a mandatory choice' 1

Coach Park: ‘Farewell to Vietnam is a mandatory choice’

One day after the end of the final return match lost to Thailand in the 2022 AFF Cup, today, January 17, coach Park Hang-seo participated in an online interview with the Korean press.

Coach Park Hang-seo after receiving the AF Cup 2022 silver medal, at Thammasat Stadium (Bangkok) on the evening of January 16.

What do you think after completing five years of accompanying Vietnamese football?

– I finished the last tournament with Vietnamese football, and it’s a pity to only win the runner-up of AFF Cup 2022. The players tried their best.

Five years is not a short time.

– I didn’t think I could stay in Vietnam for that long.

I have many good memories during the past time, but the most memorable thing is still the players.

– You once said you wouldn’t coach in Korea, but do you have any plans for the future?

– I have made it clear that I will not coach in Vietnam and Korea.

My personality is that once I do one thing, I can’t think about anything else.

What do you think about the youth training plan in Korea?

– Currently, I have no plans.

– In Southeast Asia, the number of Korean coaches is increasing.

– I’m not qualified to give them advice.

– The 2026 World Cup has 48 participating teams, why don’t you continue to lead Vietnam to the final round?

– I don’t have that ambition.

– Do you have any regrets at the end of your journey with Vietnamese football?

– During the AFF Cup 2022, I only said the word `last` to the players once, which was in the second leg of the final.

When this tournament ended, I felt regretful and angry because I couldn’t win.

– After the match ended, what did the players say to you?

– I talked to them for a while in the dressing room, then hugged and said goodbye.

– Do you intend to challenge yourself in a team in Asia for the 2026 World Cup?

– Everyone has watched the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and seen the difference between teams with and without experience participating.

– Finally, do you have anything to say to Vietnamese and Korean fans?

– First, I am very grateful to Korean football fans.

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