9 experiences to try in Ha Giang

9 experiences to try in Ha Giang 3

9 experiences to try in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a destination with both wild and majestic beauty that always attracts tourists throughout Vietnam.

1. Come in flower season

During the flower season, the rocky plateau is adorned with fresh colors.

The beginning of October is also the time when buckwheat flowers bloom.

2. Set foot at the top of the Fatherland

Coming to Ha Giang, you should not miss Lung Cu, the northernmost point of the country.

3. Experience H’Mong life

The H’Mong people are famous for their hospitality and make up the majority of the population in Ha Giang.

4 Throwing rocks to hit the cliff on Tham Ma pass

In Ha Giang, there is a high rocky cliff located right on Tham Ma pass. People still challenge anyone who can throw a stone to touch the wall of the cliff.

9 experiences to try in Ha Giang

Rocky cliffs on Tham Ma pass.

5. Enjoy corn wine and Ha Giang specialties

Ha Giang corn wine is heavy but fragrant.

6. Fly on Ma Pi Leng

Ma Pi Leng is known as the king of passes in the North.

9 experiences to try in Ha Giang

Ma Pi Leng – a favorite stop for tourists in Ha Giang.

7. Go all the way to Happiness

Hanh Phuc Road starts from Ha Giang, runs through Dong Van rocky plateau, Ma Pi Leng peak to Meo Vac.

8. Conquer passes and slopes in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is famous for its dangerous passes and slopes.

9 experiences to try in Ha Giang

Chin Khoanh pass is long and winding at Pho Cao.

9. Go to the highland market

If you are someone who likes to explore and learn about the beauty of highland culture, you should go to the highland market in Ha Giang.

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