What should the grade 10 math exam look like?

What should the grade 10 math exam look like? 6

What should the grade 10 math exam look like?

The math entrance exam of specialized schools has the important task of selecting good students with good qualities for further training, and at the same time, the exam guides the teaching (intensive level) at the specialized schools.

In my opinion, there are two trends in problem solving that do not do both of the above tasks well.

This method also does not provide any direction for student preparation at the secondary level, as a result, slightly unfamiliar math areas such as arithmetic and combinatorics will not be taught.

The second way is also not good.

What’s worth mentioning about the second way of setting problems is that difficult problems are often not composed but taken from books or from competitions.

To illustrate, I would like to cite some of the latest exam questions. I also briefly explain the source or idea of the problem so we can see it more clearly.

People who are not familiar with specialized mathematics will of course find these problems confusing.

Exercise 1a) is not simple, you have to use the reverse Co-si technique.

Lesson 4 is quite difficult, especially calculating is very tiring if you don’t use high school knowledge. Lesson 5 uses Vietnamese jumps, a technique that high school math majors have learned now.

It’s okay if there’s only one difficult question in the entire exam like the one above, it’s called a classification question.

I really hope we have systematic investments in the 10th grade math entrance exam, because in the end, exams and scores will pass, but how we teach and how we learn are important.

We may have outstanding figures such as Le Tu Quoc Thang, Nguyen Tien Dung, Ngo Bao Chau, Le Hung Viet Bao… who can devour books on topology, Rudin calculus… from high school.

I really like Russia’s way of setting questions.

What should the grade 10 math exam look like?

Everyone look closely: Very few formulas.

I know that in Russia there is a professional committee consisting of dozens of people, specializing in preparing shortlists and sending booklets to schools for reference to make entrance exams as well as exams to select good students.

There must be changes.

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