Hanoi students take four 10th grade entrance exams

Hanoi students take four 10th grade entrance exams 4

Hanoi students take four 10th grade entrance exams

According to the admission plan for grade 10 high school approved by the Hanoi People’s Committee on February 19, in the 2021-2022 school year, the entire city has nearly 111,000 students planning to graduate from middle school, an increase of more than 6,200 compared to last year.

Nearly 91,000 students will enroll in grade 10 high school, of which about 62% will be enrolled in public high schools, 22% in non-public schools and self-financed public high schools, and 8% in educational centers.

Like every year, the Hanoi Department of Education and Training will organize a common exam for grade 10 for all public high schools with four independent exams including: Math, Literature, Foreign Language and the fourth exam will be

For the Foreign Language test, candidates choose one of the following languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean.

Candidates taking the 10th grade public high school entrance exam in Hanoi in 2020. Photo: Ngoc Thanh.

Math and Literature essay test, 120 minutes.

Admission score is calculated according to the formula:

Admission score = (Math score + Literature score) x 2 + Foreign language score + Fourth test score + Priority score.

Compared to every year where students can only register two wishes to enter a public high school, this year students will register three.

Regarding admission principles, if students have been accepted for choice 1, they will not be considered for choices 2 and 3. Students who are not accepted for choice 1 will be considered for choice 2 but must have a higher admission score.

Students who are not accepted for choice 1 or 2 will be considered for choice 3, but must have an admission score at least 2 points higher than the school’s admission standard for choice 1.

After several decades of only holding two tests in Mathematics and Literature, 2019 is the first school year that Hanoi candidates must take 4 tests to be admitted to public 10th grade.

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