The ‘tiny’ actor overcame adversity to live and love

The 'tiny' actor overcame adversity to live and love 3

The ‘tiny’ actor overcame adversity to live and love

Tran Xuan Tien is known for his role as a tiny student in the series Kaleidoscope of the DamTV group under the nickname Kaydy Tran, attracting more than four million viewers online.

Before coming to DamTV, Xuan Tien had a past full of guilt.

“My mother had difficulty giving birth to me.

Xuan Tien said, there was a time when he was depressed because he was under pressure from his small appearance.

With a small body, Xuan Tien was considered disabled.

The transition from 9th grade to 10th grade was the most crisis period in his life.

University helps Tien have the opportunity to realize his dreams.

Also from a group of mutual friends, Xuan Tien caught the eye of model Le Thanh Thao.

On dates and appearances in crowded places, both Tien and Thao clearly know that many eyes are focused on them.

`Actually, in love affairs, Thao is the proactive one. After a period of getting to know each other, we decided to get together. Mixed public opinion is a driving force for me to prove my love, as well as

Once he got over his guilt, the little guy became more optimistic when thinking about the future: `Sometimes when we walk on the street and see couples carrying small children, we imagine what it would be like if it were us?

The 'tiny' actor overcame adversity to live and love

Thanh Thao – lover of Xuan Tien – entered the Top 10 of Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2012. Their love is seen as a fairy tale in everyday life.

Love and endless efforts in his small body bring him more career opportunities.

`I’m interested in cinema. Even though I only take on supporting roles, bringing laughter to the audience makes me feel like I’m living a useful life,` Tien said.

Once when he applied for a job in the graphic design industry and his application was returned because he was not healthy enough, Xuan Tien now feels confident that his roles bring him a stable income, allowing him to support himself.

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