Ngo Thanh Van: ‘Donnie Yen is a great co-star’

Ngo Thanh Van: 'Donnie Yen is a great co-star' 3

Ngo Thanh Van: ‘Donnie Yen is a great co-star’

– How did you feel when you were invited to play the role of a female assassin in the movie `Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon` part two?

– When I received this invitation, the first thought in my mind was: `It’s here, the opportunity has really come, come on Veronica` (Ngo Thanh Van’s English name).

I really liked the first part of the movie, watched it over and over again and wished to produce a movie and play a role in a similar movie.

Actress Ngo Thanh Van with actor Donnie Yen on set in New Zealand.

– This is your first time participating in a movie with star Donnie Yen, what is your impression of this actor?

Donnie Yen is a truly talented actor whose acting style, without my comment, is known to audiences everywhere.

– How was your time following the film crew in New Zealand?

– The film was filmed in October 2014.

The filming time of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was later than expected, causing my work schedule to conflict with the Today’s Day project in Vietnam.

I had two assistants on set in New Zealand and they were really good assistants.

Ngo Thanh Van: 'Donnie Yen is a great co-star'

Ngo Thanh Van with film director – Vien Hoa Binh.

What difficulties did you encounter when playing the female assassin Mantis?

– According to the film crew’s communication principles, I have not yet been able to share much about my role.

Although they are props, swords, knives… are very heavy and can cause damage if the actors are not careful and do not use the correct techniques and follow the script.

– How do you prepare your physical strength and skills to meet the demands of the film crew?

– To keep up with the film’s work schedule, you need to be in good health because the weather in New Zealand is very cold, so standing for a long time in low temperatures to complete your role is not easy.

– What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of Vietnamese actors in the working environment with international crews?

– I feel that Vietnamese actors are always hard-working and have the ability to learn quickly, and have a typical Asian face – which is also a standout feature.

– What is the biggest takeaway from the film crew of `Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon`?

– The crew is very professional and highly disciplined.

Ngo Thanh Van: 'Donnie Yen is a great co-star'

While filming in New Zealand, Ngo Thanh Van was well taken care of by the crew, creating maximum conditions for her to perform her role well.

– For a long time, she has been loved by everyone as the `dame` of the Vietnamese film industry.

– This is a gift from the audience who loved my previous roles.

– There were times when you confided that you wanted to give up cinema, why?

– There were times when it was hard because of the movie, I really thought like that.

I believe that the profession allows us to live with the profession and continue with it for many years, so the unhappiness is just a stumbling block on the career path.

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