Sign of death missed in Brussels bombings

Sign of death missed in Brussels bombings 0

Sign of death missed in Brussels bombings

Inside Brussels airport after the bombing.

Images recorded by surveillance cameras at Zaventem airport in the Belgian capital Brussels show three men pushing a luggage cart into the check-in area.

But this is the manifestation of most of the gunmen sent from Syria to Europe by Islamic State (IS) rebels to carry out horrifying terrorist attacks.

Belgian officials have identified the three men in the photo as the main suspects in the March 22 airport bombing, in which two men dressed in black and wearing only a glove on their left hands died in the process.

According to US foreign intelligence experts, the bombing at Zaventem airport could have been prevented if the security forces and the Belgian people had been more alert to unusual signs of terrorism.

`If I see a guy entering the airport check-in area wearing only one glove, I will be suspicious and separate him for a separate examination. If I am not satisfied with his answers,

Many other security experts also agreed that the suspects’ single glove was the most noticeable sign before the attack, and it was easily detected by professional eyes.

`They only wore gloves on one hand. That’s definitely a suspicious sign, very unusual,` said Tony Schiena, a security expert in London.

Sign of death missed in Brussels bombings

Two suspects wearing black shirts, wearing only gloves on their left hands, entered Brussels airport.

During the Paris massacre on November 13 last year, hostages held by terrorists in the Bataclan theater described the attackers as constantly walking back and forth with detonators in their palms.

Experts predict that the explosive used in the Brussels bombing was TATP (also known as Mother Devil explosive), mixed from chemicals that are legally available over the counter.

TATP explosives can be detonated with an electrical switch using a simple battery and wire that fits in the palm of your hand, according to Jimmie C. Oxley, a chemistry professor at the University of Rhode Island and a commodity expert.

Gaps in airport security

The attack took place at 8 a.m., one of the busiest times at the busy airport.

This proves that security at Zaventem airport may not have been given due attention, creating a large hole for terrorists to take advantage of and carry out an attack, according to commentator Kris.

Two bombs exploded at the check-in counter, right in front of the airport’s security checkpoint.

Sign of death missed in Brussels bombings

The location where the bomb exploded is right in front of the airport’s security checkpoint.

At US airports, as soon as they arrive at the check-in area, passengers encounter a dense police force equipped with heavy weapons.

The bombing in Brussels exposed the weakest point at all airports in Belgium and many other countries, which is the area in front of the security check gate, where there are ticket counters, even sales counters.

In March last year, airport police in New Orleans shot and killed a man carrying a machete outside the security control area.

According to Mr. John Pistole, it is important that airport security agencies know how to expand security layers to the outside, because no security system is perfect, no matter how many patrol officers there are.

Another effective anti-terrorism prevention method is people’s vigilance as well as the courage to speak up promptly to stop attackers, according to Mr. Bridgeman.

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