How to travel in the epidemic center of Hai Duong?

How to travel in the epidemic center of Hai Duong? 2

How to travel in the epidemic center of Hai Duong?

On the morning of February 20, Mr. Luu Van Ban, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hai Duong province, signed and issued instructions on circulation as well as control of vehicles and drivers in the area during the period of social isolation.

Personal vehicles allowed to circulate include: People buying food, pharmaceuticals and goods, and in emergencies such as first aid and medical examination and treatment;

People carry out requests to prevent epidemics at the checkpoint.

`Functional forces will control the purpose of travel at the checkpoint and measure body temperature. If the driver and his companion show suspicious signs such as cough, fever, difficulty breathing, or fatigue, they will be quarantined,` the office said.

Vehicles serving epidemic prevention and control and transporting goods that are allowed to circulate include: Public service vehicles of the police, military, ambulances with badges;

Production vehicles are vehicles that transport workers and experts of the enterprise;

As for Chi Linh City and Cam Giang district, where they are being blocked, the authorities will control traffic according to traffic purposes like the whole province.

How to travel in the epidemic center of Hai Duong?

A checkpoint in Hai Duong province.

For vehicles serving consumption or production in two quarantined locations, the driver and assistant must commit to being tested before leaving.

For vehicles from outside the province, Hai Duong only allows entry for the same purpose as for vehicles traveling within the province.

`People entering the province must commit to doing 5K when moving within the area. Forces at the checkpoint will measure body temperature, and when the driver and his companion show signs of suspicion, they will be taken to a quarantine facility,` the document states.

The Hai Duong Department of Health said it has arranged a reproductive health care clinic at Lane 144 Quang Trung, Quang Trung Ward, Hai Duong City as a place to register and take Covid-19 test samples for drivers.

Sampling time is from the afternoon of February 20, working both Saturday and Sunday, test results will be answered within 24 hours from the time the sample is taken.

Hai Duong is the largest outbreak in the country with 590 cases out of a total of 770 cases, from January 28 to present.

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