Helps 1-3 year old children develop vocabulary

Helps 1-3 year old children develop vocabulary 4

Helps 1-3 year old children develop vocabulary

Sharing with parents about speaking skills for children, psychology master Nguyen Thi Minh said that to help children develop good speaking ability, parents need to clearly understand the stages of children’s language development from 1 to 1 year old.

1. Improve the ability to understand adult speech (listening comprehension):

Initially, children only understand a situation when they witness that specific situation.

Children’s understanding ability at this stage can be summarized as follows: Specific situations + Words = Children’s action signals.

Cultivating children in the habit of reading books from a young age is an effective way to help them develop their vocabulary.

The combination of language and specific situations, when repeated many times, will gradually help the baby understand the words without depending on the specific situation.

Hearing and understanding speech beyond the specific situation is an important achievement for children.

2. Positive language

After 2 years old is the period of language development.

Children’s vocabulary through each stage:

– From the end of the second year, children can say 300 to 400 words.

– At the end of the third year, children can say about 1,000 words.

3. Grammar

To express their wishes to adults, children must understand the grammar of their mother tongue.

By age 3, children’s active language develops strongly, they love to talk and talk all day long.

Some notes in the process of teaching speaking to children:

– It is necessary to teach children to speak correctly and correct their mistakes, then autonomous language will quickly disappear.

– Families should practice speaking regularly for children, creating opportunities for children to come into contact with many things, phenomena, and situations to increase vocabulary.

– You should read books and newspapers to your children, thereby helping them form the habit of liking books from a young age.

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