Diners argue about taking the buffet out

Diners argue about taking the buffet out 0

Diners argue about taking the buffet out

Diners who pay to attend the buffet can eat everything freely but are not allowed to bring leftovers home.

Nowadays, there are many diners who still feel sorry after eating a buffet because there are too many items left.

On Quora, a website known as the gathering place for the world’s most curious people, there was a debate about the issue: `Is it right or wrong to take food from the buffet out?`.

`If the buffet includes everything in the price you paid for, you’re not wrong. Because you take the items you’ve already paid for,` said a diner named Filipe Philip.

And a reader named Yit Chin Chuan said that it depends on the amount of food you take out.

`Taking a large amount of food could be considered theft under the law in many places,` another person said.

Diners argue about taking the buffet out

Many diners often sneak food from the buffet back to their rooms to eat at another time.

Poster Akash Sehrwat agrees that carrying things out is wrong.

Poster’s wife also often takes extra cakes when eating buffets at hotels, especially when on vacation.

Shoegazer said she stole food from hotels many times.

Another person revealed that he once took a whole bottle of fruit juice out to drink gradually throughout the day.

Diners argue about taking the buffet out

Many hotels respond to food theft from buffets by increasing service prices.

For some diners, this is not recommended but is still acceptable, while the hotel side does not think so.

Regatta, an employee of the Brighton Metro hotel in Adelaide (Australia), affirmed that if guests are discovered hiding items in their bags, they will be invited out immediately even if they have not finished their meal.

In February 2017, the flight attendants of Air India committed a shameful act while eating buffet in London (UK).

To deal with the situation of customers stealing food out, a restaurant owner revealed on TripAdvisor that they will increase service prices to compensate.

A tourist named Sonny said that stealing food is no different from an act of `returning heaven and earth`.

Diners argue about taking the buffet out

Is it right or wrong to bring buffet food home to eat more?/Diners talk about the times they secretly brought buffet food out

German athlete Jaroslav Bobrowski ate 100 plates at a buffet restaurant in Germany.

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