‘Golden sisters’ of Vietnamese judo

'Golden sisters' of Vietnamese judo 0

‘Golden sisters’ of Vietnamese judo

Thanh Thuy (white shirt – left) and Hoang Thanh (white shirt – right) took souvenir photos with their parents, eldest brother and stepbrother – judo referee Hoang Thanh (farthest – right) at Hoai Duc Gymnasium on the 21st

Nguyen Hoang Thanh, the young boxer who won the gold medal in the under 55kg category on May 21, is the younger sibling of Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy – the veteran boxer who won the under 52kg category a day earlier.

Judo family

Originally from Tra Vinh, the family of the two SEA Games champions has four siblings, and three of them are attached to judo.

According to Hoang Thanh, the motivation for him and his stepbrother Thanh Thuy to practice judo was the salary when they joined the province’s judo team, which helped their parents somewhat because their family situation at that time was still difficult.

'Golden sisters' of Vietnamese judo

Thanh Thuy shed tears after winning the final match on May 20, reclaiming the SEA Games gold medal she lost in the Philippines in 2019. Photo: Bui Kha Tu

So the young girl began her days living away from home.

Parents do laundry for the entire judo team

When Thuy gradually asserted his position in Vietnamese judo, it was the youngest son Hoang Thanh’s turn to get acquainted with this martial art.

The parents of the three brothers always follow closely to be a solid support for their children, whether they are national players or `rookies` with white belts.

'Golden sisters' of Vietnamese judo

Mr. Nguyen Mai was present at Hoai Duc Gymnasium, Hanoi to cheer for his two children in every match at SEA Games 31. Photo: Bui Kha Tu

Online family meeting

Although he wholeheartedly supported his child’s training, when Hoang Thanh was called to join the national youth team, gathered at the National Sports Training Center II (Ho Chi Minh City), once again, Mr. Nguyen Mai and his wife could not help but feel worried.

According to Hoang Thanh, in order to have a strong rear base with his parents, he always tries to learn and find information and knowledge about judo and sports so he can share with his two younger siblings.

The family’s impression, with two SEA Games champions, is not only on the rear, but also on the training field, especially since `Ut` was drafted into the national team in 2020.

Glory at home

When Thanh Thuy won the SEA Games gold medal for the first time in 2015, Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen Mai’s family was jubilant with joy.

'Golden sisters' of Vietnamese judo

Hoang Thanh (blue shirt) played very impressively in his first competition at the SEA Games.

SEA Games 31, at the Hoai Duc district gymnasium, in the stands, parents, eldest brother and some friends were present throughout the match days to cheer for Thanh Thuy and Hoang Thanh.

The next day, at the first regional conference, Ut Thanh made the whole family burst with happiness when he followed in her footsteps and brought home a gold medal for Vietnamese judo.

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