‘Banning motorbikes will lose the rights of many rich people’

'Banning motorbikes will lose the rights of many rich people' 24

‘Banning motorbikes will lose the rights of many rich people’

Not long ago, Hanoi organized a competition to find solutions to combat traffic congestion.

Then that solution was forgotten, no one implemented it, or rather, no one had the courage to do it.

That initiative was divided into many steps, requiring the coordination of many departments and people, so it was abandoned.

In fact, the organizers chose the right initiative to award the prize.

Everyone who participated in that exam and even the examiner knew clearly that there was nowhere to find a compact, inexpensive solution that would not offend the people of the country, as well as foreigners who love Vietnam and love Vietnam.

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In fact, the authorities have tried to implement all proposed measures and most have completely failed.

Of all the subjects affected by anti-congestion solutions, everyone has their own reasons. Any opinion that complains about the consequences of any measure is praised by countless people, and any opinion that criticizes the consequences of any measure is praised by countless people.

The motorbike is the most controversial content, because it is said to affect the majority of people, and these are all poor people, small-minded people…

Lucrative plots of land in the inner city, hospitals and schools in the center, crowded markets, no one wants to go when they are relocated…

No one will go to a school that cannot be reached by motorbike.

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That prospect is truly miserable.

And they can only move to relatively empty areas, that is, in the suburbs, and so the population density will also be stretched.

Houses or apartments near the center, where motorbikes are banned, will drop in price immediately, now you either have a car or take the bus to get there.

Banning motorbikes will therefore have a knock-on effect with the ultimate destination being population relaxation.

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Banning motorbikes will affect the economic interests of many people, but the rich people who own real estate and front houses in the center will lose the most benefits.

Large cities around the world deal with traffic jams not only with public transportation.

Urban planning in Vietnam is wrong, so wrong that there is no planning at all.

But this surgery is necessary.

And finally, many articles criticize the measures proposed by the government, but no one has ever proposed any measures to satisfy all people.

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