6 ideal spots to hang love locks

6 ideal spots to hang love locks 1

6 ideal spots to hang love locks

1. Pecs, Hungary

Iron fence in Pécs, Hungary.

This adorable world heritage city, located on the slopes of Mecsek mountain, is where love locks began.

2. N Tower – Seoul, Seoul, South Korea

6 ideal spots to hang love locks


On top of Namsan Mountain located in the center of Seoul, N – Seoul Tower is the most famous place for love locks in Asia.

3. Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne, Germany

6 ideal spots to hang love locks

Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne, Germany.

Since 2008, couples have been locking locks on the Hohenzollern bridge in Cologne and throwing the keys into the Rhine river.

This pedestrian and railway bridge connecting the station with the Kölner Dom took 632 years to complete and is one of the most famous architectural monuments in Germany.

4. Luzhkov Bridge, Moscow, Russia

6 ideal spots to hang love locks

Love trees at Luzhkov Bridge, Moscow, Russia.

Padlocks began appearing on trees above the Luzhkov Bridge (over the Vodootvodny Canal near the Kremlin Palace and Red Square) and the nearby embankment in 2007. Over the years, this site

5. Ponte Milvio, Rome, Italy

6 ideal spots to hang love locks

The lampposts on the Ponte Milvio bridge, Rome are filled with love locks after the craze of the novel and movie `I want you` by Federico Moccia.

After the success of the novel `I want you` and the film of the same name by Federico Moccia in 2006, the lampposts of the Ponte Milvio bridge – the oldest bridge in Rome – have become an extremely popular destination.

6. Huangshan Mountain, China

6 ideal spots to hang love locks

The love lock on the top of Huangshan Mountain, China is associated with romantic legends.

Although Pécs is considered the birthplace of love locks, some believe that the tradition originated in China.

The beautiful scenery and surroundings of Huangshan Mountain have inspired many Chinese poets and painters.

Nowadays, lovers often come here to hang locks on the chains and railings at Lotus Peak and throw the keys down the mountainside.

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