India was shocked by the rape of a photojournalist

India was shocked by the rape of a photojournalist 0

India was shocked by the rape of a photojournalist

Indian journalists protest in Mumbai after gang rape.

`This is a shameful and extremely disturbing incident,` police commissioner Satyapal Singh said.

The two were approached by members of a team who told them they shouldn’t be here.

According to The Guardian, police arrested five men in the area in connection with the gang rape, but Singh refused to give any details about those arrested because he said it was `a sensitive case.`

The victim, possibly a trainee, is being treated at Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai and initial reports said she had multiple internal injuries, AFP quoted a police officer as saying.

The attack shocked the city, considered a much safer place for women, when compared to the capital New Delhi.

India was shocked by the rape of a photojournalist

The scene of the gang rape of a female photojournalist.

`We are 100% confident about solving the case,` Singh said, adding that 20 police teams were formed to serve the investigation.

The incident happened eight months after another 23-year-old woman was gang-raped by five men on a moving bus in New Delhi, while her boyfriend was beaten.

The trial of these people is in the final stages and the case has sparked large protests.

Sex crimes have continued across India since the gang rape on a bus on December 16, and the attack on August 22 once again attracted media and public attention.

`Women need to be alert and aware of themselves and their surroundings. There is no solution, no cure,` said Swati Pillai, who works in Mumbai.

Manjiri Jamadagni, a business manager and mother, said the incident was `very disturbing`.

The attack on August 22 sparked anger on social networking sites, and groups of journalists protested in Mumbai a day later.

The Indian Parliament in New Delhi was also engulfed in anger.

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