The community ‘stoned’ My Linh’s choice of Hoang Ton

The community 'stoned' My Linh's choice of Hoang Ton 5

The community ‘stoned’ My Linh’s choice of Hoang Ton

After the `beating` round, episode 1 aired on the evening of August 18, the audience of the show `The Voice of Vietnam` had different opinions about My Linh choosing Hoang Ton – a contestant who was once considered a strong candidate.

Most people think that Hoang Ton’s performance of the song `The Empty Attic` is quite boring, without breakthroughs and overuse of `fluff`.

My Linh and Hoang Ton were `stoned` mercilessly.

The sentence that was most `stoned` by netizens last night was probably My Linh’s decision-making comment: `I will choose the person who needs me in terms of vocal technique.`

Audience Luu Hai Trung commented: `So disappointed in My Linh, I feel like Y Nhi is like a puppet, when her role is finished, she will be released.

The fact that My Linh eliminated Y Nhi to choose Hoang Ton – who was said to have a rather boring performance, made the online community `angry`.

A reader with the nickname Mr Wind was upset: `My Linh has ruined her image, it’s not fair at all.

“My Linh’s team performances are very bland.

Meanwhile, Facebooker Tieu Vu expressed his disappointment: `The Voice is looking for outstanding musical talent, not someone who can’t sing well to teach?

Is the public `slapping water with the rain`?

To be fair, without talent, Hoang Ton certainly would not have created a good effect from the beginning of the show until now.

Are the organizers intentionally creating a scenario where a popular contestant gradually gets criticized like Bui Anh Tuan last year to attract public opinion?

Facebooker Mun Nguyen explains Hoang Ton’s `boring`: `I think a color is not boring if the voice touches people’s hearts.

`Coaches need to choose based on long-term criteria, so those with a large fan base will be given priority. If it were you, you would also choose Hoang Ton. If you sing like the person who performed the previous song, then say it’s just

Some Facebookers believe that the character who deserves criticism is not My Linh but the organizers’ intentions.

`There are a few contestants who, when they stand alone, people don’t pay much attention to them. Even the regular audience can’t remember their names or parts, they have few likes and comments, and they’re told they sing poorly and are boring.`

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