“Modernization shock” in the happiest country in the world

“Modernization shock” in the happiest country in the world 0

“Modernization shock” in the happiest country in the world

(Dan Tri) – Technology and social issues related to the modernization process are directly affecting the `emotions` of the Bhutanese people, who consider themselves the happiest in the world.

Bhutanese children (Photo: Reuters)

For many years, the small Asian nation of Bhutan has defined that a country’s success is not measured by its economy but by its happiness.

Bhutan’s ideas once made the whole world talk about this small Asian country.

However, Bhutanese people seem to have recently discovered that perception does not always reflect reality.

According to experts, one of the reasons leading to this situation is the `shock` coming from the technology and modernization process that the Bhutanese people have received. Over the past decades, although Bhutan has maintained a

In recent years, TV and television have been blamed for the rapid increase in crime rates in Bhutan, as well as promoting migration from rural to urban areas here in search of livelihoods.

“Television advertisements create desires, and Bhutanese people feel unsatisfied with the current economic situation.

“Modernization shock” in the happiest country in the world

Bhutan is famous for its beautiful scenery and peaceful life (Photo: AFP)

In addition, climate change is also considered one of the causes affecting the sense of happiness of Bhutanese people.

“The gap between rich and poor has begun to widen in Bhutan, coupled with rapidly rising youth unemployment, as well as environmental damage.

Results from Bhutan’s own survey on the country’s happiness index also show a similar transformation.

Although 90% of respondents still answered that they felt happy, half of them (48%) said they were only “somewhat happy”, with the rest saying they were “very happy”.

According to experts, in addition to learning how to adapt to the challenges that come from modernization, Bhutan needs to prepare its people so that they can easily accept `shocks` in this process.

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