Signs that Apple is promoting AI on iPhone

Signs that Apple is promoting AI on iPhone 1

Signs that Apple is promoting AI on iPhone

According to data from technology and capital market research firm PitchBook, Apple is more actively acquiring AI companies than in recent years.

Companies have acquired AI startups in the period 2017-2023.

Most of the companies merged by Apple focus on solving the problem of running AI on mobile devices.

`They are getting ready for a flurry of M&A activity,` Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives wrote in a blog post.

Meanwhile, according to Morgan Stanley bank, Apple is recruiting for many AI positions, especially in industries related to machine learning, deep learning, algorithms that support generative AI – models that can create

Apple often keeps development plans secret.

Last summer, CEO Tim Cook also hinted at his AI ambitions, saying Apple `has done research on a variety of AI technologies` and invests and innovates `responsibly` when it comes to new technology.

According to FT, with the above action, Apple’s goal `may be to operate AI through mobile devices, allowing chatbots and AI applications to run on the phone’s own hardware and software instead of being provided

Signs that Apple is promoting AI on iPhone

Illustration of how Apple can create an `AI iPhone`.

Experts predict that the WWDC 2024 developer event taking place in June may be when Apple reveals AI features through iOS 18 version. Morgan Stanley analysts expect the new generation of iOS

`Apple tends to delay and wait until new technology is at its best, then releases the most complete version of that technology,` commented Igor Jablokov, CEO of AI technology company Pryon.

Apple also launched the M3 Max for MacBook last October.

Previously, in September 2023, Apple also introduced the S9 chip on Apple Watch, allowing Siri to access and record data without an Internet connection.

`Certainly the chips in Apple devices are increasingly moving towards AI,` said analyst Dylan Patel of semiconductor consulting firm SemiAnalysis.

Laura Martin, senior analyst at investment bank Needham, predicts Apple will have a different approach from other companies that have poured a lot of money into AI like Microsoft or Meta, which is to focus on its own devices.

`Its AI will be for the benefit of the Apple ecosystem and only for Apple users,` Martin said.

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