Bui Anh Tuan is not worried about losing votes

Bui Anh Tuan is not worried about losing votes 2

Bui Anh Tuan is not worried about losing votes

– How do you feel that in the last live show, Dinh Huong’s number of votes surpassed yours?

– When I first heard the results, I was a bit disappointed.

For many consecutive weeks, Ho Ngoc Ha led the team in terms of votes with a large gap. By the quarterfinals of The Voice, Bui Anh Tuan fell to second place, behind Dinh Huong.

– His position seems to be shaking in the hearts of fans.

– It is difficult for an artist to have a place in the hearts of the audience, but it is even more difficult to maintain that position.

I’m just worried that when I stand on stage and sing, no one wants to listen and the audience turns their backs on me.

– What do you think about your remaining opponent in team Ho Ngoc Ha, Dinh Huong?

– Ms. Dinh Huong is a very artistic person, she can be `crazy` and transform into any character on stage very quickly.

– In your opinion, what made you get the most votes from the audience in the team for a long time?

– There are many reasons why The Voice contestants are loved by the audience, but I think the voice is what the audience will focus on the most.

– Coaches Thu Minh and Tran Lap both criticized you for `lacking masculinity and strength` on stage, what do you think?

– I have to thank Ms. Thu Minh and Mr. Tran Lap very much, it is these things that will make me more perfect in my future career path.

– Did the program not create conditions for you to `get excited` or do you lack a breakthrough and struggle with a musical style?

– I see there are many challenges presented to me.

This shows that I have also tried to innovate even though my music is ballad.

Bui Anh Tuan is not worried about losing votes

Male contestant Ha Ho affirmed that he did not use scandals to attract attention.

– Taking a look at the scandals of The Voice, you are one of the contestants involved in the most cases, what do you say?

– Honestly, I don’t know where those scandals came from.

– Scandals are easier to attract public attention, what do you think?

– I did not choose to create a scandal to attract attention.

Bui Anh Tuan is not worried about losing votes

The male contestant was criticized a lot by the coaches and the audience for his performance style on stage.

– Facing strong opponent Dinh Huong, what will you do to achieve the desired results in the next semi-final?

– I can only try to sing well in the upcoming performance.

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