Woman uses phone as a means to save 100 IS slaves

Woman uses phone as a means to save 100 IS slaves 0

Woman uses phone as a means to save 100 IS slaves

Former Iraqi MP Ameena Saeed Hasan.

According to CNN, every day, Ms. Hasan receives such calls.

When IS began to take over the city of Mosul, Ms. Hasan thought that the Yazidi tribe in the Sinjar mountains would be safe.

`We asked ourselves ‘why did they come to Sinjar?’

However, IS fighters arrived in Sinjar.

IS fighters captured thousands of Yazidi women and children and killed men.

The Yazidi people, an ethnic minority in Iraq, believe that a god created the earth and entrusted it to the care of peacock angels.

The United Nations accuses IS of genocide against the Yazidi people.

Many families with missing people have turned to Ms. Hasan for help.

`Everyone knows me,` she explains.

Together with her husband Khalil, Hasan founded a network to rescue women.

So far, she and her husband have saved more than a hundred people.

In her desperate call to Ms. Hasan, the woman described what happened to them: `They forced people into two big trucks from the village and took them somewhere, I don’t know where. While they were

Even though she went through a horrifying situation, this woman was still one of the lucky ones because she eventually escaped.

Woman uses phone as a means to save 100 IS slaves

Yazidi girls temporarily stay in a building in Dohuk city, Iraq.

Many others are not so lucky.

`We just want them to be saved,` she said.

Ms. Hasan was awarded by the US State Department for helping people enslaved by IS.

US Secretary of State John Kerry praised her courageous efforts towards the Yazidi religious minority community in northern Iraq, affirming that the world is always concerned about what they face, and committed to helping the victims.

But Mrs. Hasan is still haunted by the thought of the people she could not save.

`I can’t sleep, I can’t forget what happened to them,` she shared.

Many have participated in the fight against IS.

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