The endless animosity between Trump and the late Senator McCain

The endless animosity between Trump and the late Senator McCain 0

The endless animosity between Trump and the late Senator McCain

Late Senator John McCain (left) and US President Donald Trump.

Arizona Senator John McCain has passed away 7 months ago, but US President Donald Trump’s hatred towards him is still there.

Trump said McCain `got the funeral he wanted but I haven’t gotten a ‘thank you’ yet.`

President Trump blamed McCain `for a war in the Middle East that he strongly promoted.`

`I have to be honest, I never loved him too much,` Trump said.

The feud between President Trump and the late Senator McCain probably started in the early days of Mr. Trump’s campaign to run for the White House in 2016.

Trump, who never joined the military, commented that McCain was not an American war hero.

Trump’s reaction at that time was in response to comments from McCain, saying that he upset even `crazy people` with his inflammatory statements about the wave of illegal immigration across the Mexican border.

Now, more than half a year after McCain died in August from brain cancer, Trump can’t stop talking about his `old enemy,` angering the late Arizona senator’s supporters and creating a divide.

The attack campaign began last weekend, when Trump tweeted criticism of McCain for his role in providing the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with a dossier containing unverified information about the relationship.

The US President recalled that Senator McCain voted against repealing the Affordable Care Act from the era of former president Barack Obama.

He claimed that McCain `was at the bottom of his class` at the Naval Academy, while the US senator graduated five places from the bottom.

On March 19, in the Oval Office, White House, sitting next to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Trump told reporters he had never been and would never be a fan of McCain.

Trump’s attacks on the dead received a response at `Make America Great Again` rallies, but at the tank factory in Lima, Ohio, they did not receive any applause or sympathy.

The endless animosity between Trump and the late Senator McCain

President Trump spoke at the last US tank factory in Lima, Ohio, on March 20.

On March 20, Georgia State Senator Johnny Isakson said that President Trump’s comments aimed at the late Senator McCain were `bad`.

`I don’t understand why the President can time and time again disparage an exemplary man like my friend, John McCain: a hero, courageous, patriotic, honorable, selfless, rich in virtue.`

Some other Republicans, such as Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader in the US Senate, chose to show support for McCain instead of directly confronting the President.

Meanwhile, the family of the late US senator also reacted quite harshly.

`I think if I told my dad, ‘7 months after your death, you’re still all over the news and on Twitter,’ he would feel funny when he saw the President being so jealous of him.`

Mark Salter, the closest political advisor to McCain, said that the problem does not lie in the discord between Trump and the late Senator McCain but in Trump himself.

`He is not fit to be president and most members of Congress know that. I hope this will be the latest evidence to help convince people that this is something that should not be ignored,` Salter

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