New Yorkers drink beer, watch Trump – Clinton debate

New Yorkers drink beer, watch Trump - Clinton debate 0

New Yorkers drink beer, watch Trump – Clinton debate

The man sat drinking beer and watching the first live debate between two US presidential candidates.

Professor Thom’s bar in the East Village area, Manhattan, New York, suddenly became noisy on the evening of September 26 when many people gathered here to watch the first live presidential debate between the two candidates running for office.

The noisiest among the crowd were two women named Molly Gyllenhaal and Sarah Minisquero.

`I don’t think we were drunk,` said Minisquero, who works at a movie theater.

The rules of the two women’s game are relatively simple.

Professor Thom’s is famous as a sports bar.

`I like the way she handles and overcomes limits,` Minisquero shared.

According to reporter Adam Abbatt from the Guardian, most people present in Professor Thom’s bar were on Mrs. Clinton’s side.

However, Jim Vroman, who sat across from Minisquero and Gyllenhaal on the bar table, was completely different from the crowd.

Vroman said his hatred for Mrs. Clinton was the reason he supported the New York tycoon.

`Anyone except Hillary. She can’t be honest about any issue,` Vroman, 41, said.

`There is a clear difference between boasting and deceit,` Vroman emphasized.

As the debate continued, Vroman admitted he felt a little disappointed in Trump.

`I was hoping Trump would dominate the game,` Vroman said.

`Is that so?`, a familiar voice came from the end of the table when Mrs. Clinton launched a sharp attack against her opponent.

Abbatt walked toward the two women and asked how their beer drinking contest went.

`I haven’t finished my cup just yet. I’ve slowed down quite a bit,` Gylenhaal said.

Minisquero also did not seem very excited.

New Yorkers drink beer, watch Trump - Clinton debate

Molly Gyllenhaal and Sarah Minisquero.

Sitting near the entrance, Liz McMillan, 46, was attentive to her plate of chicken wings.

`The African American community is not associated with violence,` Ms. McMillan said, reacting to Mr. Trump calling Chicago a `war zone.`

`A lot of people here are doctors, lawyers, like my family. If you heard what he said, you would think all people of color live in poverty. That’s not true. Absolutely not.`

McMillan finally got into the game with Gyllenhaal and Minisquero.

`I feel sorry for her,` McMillan expressed his feelings about former US Secretary of State Clinton.

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