Myanmar – where time goes back

Myanmar - where time goes back 1

Myanmar – where time goes back

Myanmar is known as a rough pearl that begins to shine after a long period of neglect.

When you come to Myanmar, you can easily see images of priests sitting and chanting for hours or many families sitting and praying.

Sacred country of Buddhism

Many tourists favorably refer to Myanmar as `the country of temples`.

When you come here, you can easily see images of monks chanting for hours or families sitting and praying.

Shopping at Bogyoke Aung San market

This is a long-standing market built in 1926, located in the center of Yangon.

Drink tea and eat cake and jam

Tea shops in Myanmar have the characteristics of ethnic minorities.

People here also drink tea with sweets made from ingredients such as coconut fibers, coconut milk, rice flour, fruits… and not too much sugar.

Wear traditional clothes every day

For many countries around the world, traditional costumes are often only worn on holidays.

The traditional costume for men is Longchy (a type of pants and loose-fitting pants sewn in the middle) harmoniously combined with a shirt or Taipon shirt (traditional shirt).

Myanmar people are not picky in their dress or daily life.

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