The sex doll market is promising in China

The sex doll market is promising in China 0

The sex doll market is promising in China

156 sat on the bed in Liu’s apartment.

156 sat still on the narrow bed, with a beautiful body, calmly looking at the customers.

156 is a high-quality doll, made of rubber that is softer than silicon, has flexible arms, a detachable head and genitals, sold in a store in Beijing for about

Liu stands next to 156 in an apartment in an industrial park on the outskirts of Beijing.

According to AFP, Liu has been married for more than 10 years and does not want to betray his wife, but still has his own needs to satisfy.

`Honestly, spending a little money to find a girl in China is very easy, but I don’t want to betray my wife, so I never think about it,` Liu said with a forced smile.

`There’s no way I would have sex with a cheap plastic doll,` he said.

Its limbs can be removed, making it easy to clean or replace.

`As a designer, I cannot ignore unrealistic details,` he lamented.

`The only advantage a doll has over a woman is that it doesn’t know how to resist, people can do whatever they want,` he added.

Liu bought the doll at Micdolls in Beijing, where salesperson Yi Jiange proudly said: `Most people think dolls are more attractive than real people.`

The dolls are bald, and customers can buy wigs for them according to their own preferences.

Yi’s customers, as he describes them, are usually professionals or businessmen in their 30s and 40s.

`Isn’t that admirable for a married man to refuse prostitutes and use dolls instead?` Yi said.

`My lover also disagrees with my selling dolls,` Yi added

The sex doll market is promising in China

Dolls for sale at Mic Dolls store in Beijing.

China’s economy is booming, sexual ideology is also more liberal, leading to a series of adult shops.

Dolls made in China account for only a small portion.

People in this country have a tradition of liking boys.

This leads to an increasing shortage of women.

`Many young people who live in isolation now make friends through the online doll community,` Zhang added.

For some shoppers, dolls are not just about sex, but about love.

Their number has increased from a few hundred to more than 20,000 in recent years.

In one forum, users posted `Happy life after having a sex doll,` and posted a photo of the doll named `Lin Lin` wearing new clothes online.

At first, most people buy dolls for sexual purposes, Yi explains.

However, for Liu, 156 is just a lifeless doll, helping him fill the void in his bed.

`The perfection of a doll comes from careful calculation and measurement, but it will never be more beautiful than a real person. Because a real person has a soul, emotions and reactions.`

`To me, it cannot be compared to a flesh-and-blood woman, but at least I can try to fool myself with it,` Liu said.

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