The custom of dancing with the dead in Madagascar

The custom of dancing with the dead in Madagascar 2

The custom of dancing with the dead in Madagascar

Along with the rows of baobab trees, the custom of dancing with the dead are two things that make Madagascar famous and attract tourists from around the world.

The people of this island nation have a unique tradition of paying tribute to their ancestors and tightening family ties, called Famadihana (Bone Replacement Ceremony).

Organizing the Famadihana ceremony is quite expensive, and becomes a worry for poor families.

During this ceremony, people will pick up the dry bone fragments from the lifted remains and wrap them carefully in a new shroud.

At this time, music will be turned on, cattle will be slaughtered to make the table and shared with each family member as well as a few guests – very close and important characters.

This is also an opportunity for the elderly to explain to their children and grandchildren about the importance of their ancestors, those who died before them.

According to the beliefs of indigenous people, people are not born from dust, but from the flesh and blood of their clan relatives.

In Madagascar, people also believe that after death, only the flesh dissolves into dust, while the soul can still contact the living.

The custom of dancing with the dead in Madagascar

During this festival, no family member is allowed to cry.

Celebrating Famadihana is considered quite expensive, as it involves lavish parties for the living and new clothes for the dead.

Today, this view has gradually changed.

The custom of dancing with the dead in Madagascar

Famadihana is a big festival for indigenous people.

Rakotonarivo Henri, a farmer, said he had just organized a Famadihana with his family.

Jean Ratovoherison, a 30-year-old resident, has a different view: `We don’t believe we can communicate with the dead. But I believe the Famadihana ceremony helps strengthen family relationships. The people of Madagascar are very

Catholicism and Islam in Madagascar have tried to ban this practice but were unsuccessful.

According to Wiki, Madagascar, officially known as the Republic of Madagasar, is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean and off the coast of Africa.

The island gained independence from France in 1960. Since 1992, the country has been officially governed as a constitutional democracy with Antananarivo as its capital.

Malagasy and French are both official languages of the island.

Airfare from Vietnam to Madagascar costs at least about 1,200 USD, depending on the time and airline.

Coming to this island nation, you will eat many specialties such as stewed beef with omazava, pork and chopped cassava leaves ravitoto, sesika poultry blood sausage, eel stuffed with smalona, sipping a glass of Malagas or anovola wine…

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