Nuclear missiles ‘cannot be intercepted’ Putin just announced

Nuclear missiles 'cannot be intercepted' Putin just announced 0

Nuclear missiles ‘cannot be intercepted’ Putin just announced

Missile power ‘cannot be intercepted’ announced by Putin

Russia’s nuclear-powered missile test

In his federal message on March 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the country had developed a cruise missile using a nuclear engine, which has unlimited attack range and can avoid all defense systems.

Experts say Russia is capable of building cruise missiles using nuclear engines.

Missiles using nuclear engines are not a new technology.

This type of rocket uses the principle of a ramjet engine, in which the rocket will suck in air while flying, heat it with a small nuclear reactor inside and use this hot air.

Writer Gerry Doyle believes that the ramjet engine greatly increases the missile’s range, but it will leave many radioactive traces in the atmosphere due to the use of a nuclear reactor.

Coincidentally, many Nordic countries detected traces of radioactive dust in the air last year, when Russia was believed to be conducting hypersonic missile tests using straight jet engines.

The ramjet engine cannot operate at speeds below 600 km/h, requiring the rocket to have a pre-acceleration stage using solid fuel.

The Pentagon confirmed that it knew about Russia’s new nuclear cruise missile, but said that the project was still in the development stage and that a projectile had crashed in the Arctic.

Nuclear missiles 'cannot be intercepted' Putin just announced

A nuclear missile test launch was revealed by Mr. Putin.

The Russian President also released a video illustrating how the missile works, combining images of actual tests and simulated graphics.

During flight, the missile continuously changes direction to avoid early warning and air defense systems at sea.

`Moscow’s strategic weapons programs are all aimed at penetrating Washington’s missile shield. They seem to have been developed for a long time,` expert Jeffrey Lewis of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in the US affirmed.

The Joint Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) report announced by US President Donald Trump last month is considered a great reason for Russia to reveal new strategic weapons, seeing it as a response to the US.

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