Jose Morais: ‘Mourinho is the perfect choice for Man Utd’

Jose Morais: 'Mourinho is the perfect choice for Man Utd' 3

Jose Morais: ‘Mourinho is the perfect choice for Man Utd’

Jose Morais is the person who knows Mourinho’s expertise better than anyone.

In an interview with the Sports Mail on Sunday, May 22, the 50-year-old coach said that Mourinho has contributed to changing football like the legendary Rinus Michels – the father of the Total Football strategy.

“Mourinho is the type of person who has the ability to leave a mark on your life.

Morais (left) believes that Mourinho has influenced contemporary football in a similar way to Rinus Michels and Johan Cruyff at the end of the last century.

This coach continued to comment: “Mourinho has made an impact on modern football, with his vision.

The good times between Morais and Mourinho at work were suddenly interrupted when `The Special One` was fired by Chelsea in December 2015, just seven months after they helped bring the London club to the Premier League title.

Meanwhile, the football world continues to wait to see which big club Mourinho will take on a new job.

When asked about Mourinho’s ability to adapt at Old Trafford, Morais replied: “If I were the owner of Man Utd, Arsenal or any other team, I would call Mourinho and say ‘here are the keys

“He can transform a club, adjusting the attitude and psychology of the players.

Morais first met Mourinho in 2000 at Benfica.

Jose Morais: 'Mourinho is the perfect choice for Man Utd'

Despite many controversies and doubts, Mourinho is still the favorite choice of many Man Utd fans, who are fed up with the club’s decline under David Moyes and then Van Gaal.

Recently, many newspapers reported that some members of Man Utd’s board of directors did not want to appoint Mourinho because he is not the type of coach who supports the policy of giving opportunities to young players.

On this point, Morais explained: “I don’t believe that Mourinho doesn’t like young players.

Morais has also seen young players improve thanks to Mourinho.

Morais also said about how Mourinho works with big stars: `Ronaldo is a natural talent, a player who really has the ability to make a difference. And he also works hard every day to take care of himself.`

Jose Morais: 'Mourinho is the perfect choice for Man Utd'

Mourinho is especially experienced in dealing with superstars.

To control and deal with the big stars of the team, you need to know how to communicate with them, know how to encourage them to do what you want for the whole team.

So why, after many years of success, did things suddenly seem to spiral out of Mourinho’s control at Chelsea in the first half of the season?

Morais explained: “If you ask me today if I understand the specific reasons that led to the unsatisfactory results at Chelsea last season, I don’t know.

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