China is suspected of copying American stealth bombers

China is suspected of copying American stealth bombers 2

China is suspected of copying American stealth bombers

Chinese social networks last week spread images of the country’s stealth bomber model being tested in a wind tunnel.

The appearance of this model makes many people suspect that China copied the main US B-2 stealth bomber model, similarly accusing the country of stealing documents on the US F-35 super fighter to

The wind tunnel test model was revealed by China.

China Central Television (CCTV) in October 2018 confirmed that the country had completed development of a long-range bomber named H-20 with a design and operating range equivalent to the US B-2.

The US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) confirmed that this is only one of two stealth bomber projects pursued by China, of which the H-20 version is responsible for strategic attacks and the JH-XX model is

`The H-20 project shows that China’s aviation industry is making great strides. The H-20 design is completely different from the H-6 bomber developed from the Soviet Tu-16 model. Thanh

However, this may not be the actual design of the H-20 but just a model of the B-2 Spirit itself.

`Ensuring the ability to control large aircraft like the B-2 in many different operating conditions is a very difficult problem to solve. China invests a lot of resources in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) using the design

Testing the B-2 model not only supported the H-20 project but could also add to China’s aviation knowledge base for future aircraft programs.

China is suspected of copying American stealth bombers

US Air Force B-2 stealth bomber.

`The appearance of the above model does not mean that the complete H-20 model will be identical to the B-2. Copying the shape of the Spirit line is an unusual solution, even for China. They can improve the capabilities

The US military spent a lot of money modifying the B-2 line because of concerns that Russia possessed radar specialized in dealing with stealth aircraft.

`China can copy the B-2 line exactly, but the images in the wind tunnel are not enough to prove that. It only shows that Beijing is actively researching the design of flying wings and stealth bombers.

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