China is out of breath in the number 1 race with the US

China is out of breath in the number 1 race with the US 4

China is out of breath in the number 1 race with the US

Chinese insurance company Anbang Insurance has recently been on a downward slide.

If this is true, China only gives foreign investors more reason to be afraid of doing business with Chinese companies.

However, Anbang is just a dot in the overall picture of China’s economic future.

Almost the entire world believes that China’s rise is unstoppable.

Chinese workers work in a factory in Anhui.

However, the figures show a different story.

The slowing trend also occurs similarly with the Chinese Yuan (NDT).

In the Chinese capital market, although the Government has partly opened the stock and bond market to foreign investors, investors still prefer to buy Chinese stocks listed in Hong Kong or New York rather than

The reason for this is partly that China is going through a difficult transition period that every country must face when losing its cheap advantage.

Besides, China’s policies do not fully support its global expansion.

No area shows the discrepancy between China’s global ambitions and actual policies more clearly than in direct investment abroad.

When this problem was discovered, the Chinese Government resolved it by suddenly changing policies and inhibiting international trade.

The root cause of the slowdown is that China cannot stop intervening in the market.

Even without government intervention, Chinese companies have had enough difficulty transforming themselves into global players, due to competition in brands, technology, finance and expertise.

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