Busy city amidst dense forest

Busy city amidst dense forest 1

Busy city amidst dense forest

Located in the Amazon River basin, right at the confluence of the Nanay and Itaya rivers, Iquitos is an important port city of Peru.

Panoramic view of Iquitos city from above.

This land has been inhabited for thousands of years by indigenous people and nomadic hunter-gatherers – people who live in areas near rivers.

Among the thousands of immigrants from all over the world, most are single young men and boys, they come here with great enthusiasm and a bright future dream: to get rich thanks to rubber trees.

Busy city amidst dense forest

Many families built temporary houses and lived on the riverbank.

Immigrants contributed significantly to shaping the culture of Iquitos, as they brought with them their homeland’s European style in clothing, music, architecture, painting… Thanks to rubber

After 1912, the rubber industry faced new difficulties.

Currently, Iquitos is mentioned more than the ramshackle wooden houses, `standard` riverside slums.

Busy city amidst dense forest

The main vehicles of the people here are motorbikes and homemade three-wheeled vehicles.

The main means of transportation here are motorbikes and motocarros – a type of vehicle made from a motorbike, with a passenger cabin on the back.

Road to Iquitos:

From the capital Lima, it will take about 2 hours to fly to Iquitos.

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