Why does Enzo Fernandez cost 135.5 million USD?

Why does Enzo Fernandez cost 135.5 million USD? 1

Why does Enzo Fernandez cost 135.5 million USD?

The past six months with Enzo Fernandez have been like a dream come true.

Enzo Fernandez with the 2022 World Cup best young player award, received on December 18, 2022 in Lusail, Qatar.

Right in his Benfica debut, Fernandez volleyed from outside the penalty area and scored in the Champions League qualifying round in August. In October and November, he won the `Best Player` award in the Portuguese championship.

Fernandez scored four goals in 29 matches in Europe since moving to Benfica, not a bad achievement for a central midfielder.

Fernandez contributed significantly to helping Benfica pass the Champions League group stage, causing his value to continue to increase.

The above teams will probably regret not closing this deal before the 2022 World Cup, when the 22-year-old midfielder flourishes with Argentina.

Why does Enzo Fernandez cost 135.5 million USD?

Enzo Fernandez in the match against Sporting in the Portuguese championship on January 15, 2023.

While other teams were looking for other options, Chelsea jumped into the race because only they were willing to pay the fee to cancel his contract.

As the transfer window reaches its final days, Chelsea is even more eager to complete this deal.

Chelsea wanted to pay the 130 million contract breaking fee in several installments, but Costa was determined to receive one lump sum.

To avoid returning empty-handed, Boehly accepted Costa’s concessions, and paid about 5.5 million USD more for the Fernandez deal to pay in six installments.

In about six months, the transfer fee for Fernandez increased ninefold.

The statistics aren’t enough to judge whether Fernandez is worth the money.

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